I had a ‘eureka’ moment this week. It was a relatively big idea, it was achievable and it got me super excited. But what made me laugh was that I was finding excuses and reasons not to embrace the idea. Has that ever happened to you?

The idea fitted with my business plan and supported my aspirations. It would make the boat go faster so what was holding me back?

Fear, in the bucket load.

When an idea feels right, actBecause I’m no different from you and just like you have those crippling moments of fear. When the urge is to hold myself safe and just keep ‘plodding’ on.

But all the while, my heart was singing ‘do it Lindsey, just do it’.

I was holding internal conversations, talking myself out of a brilliant idea; making my head want to explode. All I could hear was “What if nobody books? What if nobody else thinks it a good idea? What if it fails’?

Unless I try I won't know and ... “What if it sells out? What if everybody loves the idea? What if it’s a HUGE success?

By getting out of my head the idea felt smaller, I was able to appreciate that it ticked soooo many boxes and I was soon skipping around the office. It was a proper throw your arms in the air moment and I needed to act.

When an idea feels right, act.

When you have an idea that keeps coming, stronger and stronger it’s a sign. When it leaves you tingling with excitement and ticks all the boxes ... know it’s a good one. When you can see and feel how it will further the business and you WANT to do it ... then lean in and take action.

Once you’ve made the decision the fear starts to subside. When you take the first inspired step you are left in no doubt it’s the right thing to do.

That first small step is you on your way and creates the momentum and confidence you need. And very quickly you will be fizzing with anticipation and have more than enough time and energy to see it through.

You may experience bumps along the way, setbacks even but you will see these as further signs to keep going. Opportunities to create something even more amazing. You will be riding the wave that is moving your business forward and having the most fun ever.

Start hearing and feeling the guidance that you are receiving. Allow it to tumble, to swirl and when the ‘eureka’ moment hits ... act.

Now, if your inner guidance needs a helping hand to be heard, book a Business Freedom Coaching Call and together let’s make sense of all that is swirling.

A call during which we shall uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your business and keeping you working too many hours. And who knows what idea might come bubbling to the surface that is inspired and exciting. 

A final message ...

Don’t hide for fear of upsetting others or play small to please others. You have every right to shine. Grab those ideas that make you fizz with excitement, grab them with both hands and make them happen.