I’ve got to do that, this or the other. I’ve got to finish this, that or the other. There isn’t an ounce of positive energy behind those words. I have to do that, this or the other. Words that are draining my energy just typing.

With the right energy, everything is possible.

Every thing is possible with the right energy behind itI’m not talking about you taking a power nap or consuming an energy bar to get it done.

No, instead I encourage you to change your attitude. Create the right energy behind the tasks that need your attention.

Imagine the power and excitement when you ‘get’ to do this, that or the other. Resulting in YOU having more than enough time. How exciting is that?

Words are powerful.

Start taking notice of how you talk to yourself. What words are you using to describe the day ahead?

"I'm so busy, I've so much to do and I have no idea how I’m going to do it all.”

Goodness that doesn’t sound like a fun day at all and I guarantee starting the day with that intention will result in you not achieving very much at all. Leaving you frustrated, disappointed and moving tasks forward creating another 'busy' day.

Create a different day.

Recently I started a day with a long list of things that needed my attention. In the past, just looking at the list would have sent me into a blind panic and my stress levels shooting through the roof.

Thankfully this is no longer the case and I was able to think 'WoW what a fabulous list of things I GET to give my attention to today'.

I then decided it was time for some fun and thought ‘why not just start at the top and see what happens’.

Guess what? I was soon ticking crossing off actions. Where necessary I moved past tasks that were reliant upon the completion of something else further down - knowing I would back. My list, my rules.

There were some pretty big projects on the list and these needed dedicated time - more than I had available. No problem, I checked my diary and worked out when I did have the time to give them, releasing the pressure and stress of worrying about them.

I enjoyed more than enough time and had a great and fun day working through the ‘list’.

Set the intention

By setting the intention to have fun I created the right energy for the work that required my attention. The intention was motivating.

Next time you hear yourself saying ‘urgh I’ve got to do the bookkeeping, write a blog, create a quote' - change it.

• WoW, I get to work on my books because there is a flow of wealth in and out of my bank account.

• How exciting I get to write a blog today that will resonate with my awesome five-star client.

• I’m super excited to be creating this quote for an awesome potential client that I would love to work with.

Change the words to increase the energy behind the activity that you GET to do.

With the right energy behind it, anything and everything is possible.

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to get your mojo back? Feeling stressed and lacking the right energy behind the right tasks? No problem, I'm here to help and gift you a forty-five-minute Business Freedom Coaching Call. Book yours and together let's change your energy.