I’ll be honest I’m still work in progress, that’s what being entrepreneur is. It’s you on a journey where you continue to develop and grow. Learning every day. And it’s exciting and fun OR should be.

Don't make the same mistakes I didAs I reflect back on my six years in business, there have been ups and downs. Many a day when ‘getting a job’ seemed like a sensible option. Until last year I worked from my kitchen table and didn’t have my own space for the business.

And in 2018 worked in my mum's conservatory, which was also the families living space and where my husband and I slept.

Over the years I’ve joined webinars and heard rags to riches stories. Amazing people that have gone from nothing to success. At times leaving me with the feeling that I’d not suffered enough and therefore wasn’t deserving enough.

It’s all relative.

My family lived at my mums not because we’d lost everything but because we'd sold our home. And yes it was challenging, hard and the toughest year yet in my business. Thankfully we found our perfect new home where we live now and I finally have an office.

I share with you my mistakes not because I have regrets as that would be a waste of my energy.

NO, it’s because of this journey that I stand before you able to share the good, the bad and the ugly. I am the business coach today thanks to the experiences, challenges and adventures since establishing my business.

Here are the seven mistakes that I don't want you to make, no matter your circumstances or your journey so far. And there is no time like now to make changes if needed.

1. Not implementing the plan

My planning in the past was completed with no thought to the bigger picture or end goal. Which resulted in not following the plan, not taking the action ... and easily distracted.

Without knowing the end goal, vision or mission – whatever term you wish to use your plans will never excite you. They will gather dust and be forgotten. A plan is your map, your guidance – documents that keep you on track and moving forward.

When used to guide they become more important to you and therefore get your attention.

2. Not making self-development a priority

Self-development was completely lost on me for many years and I started slow. Only now do I appreciate the importance of developing me.

Learning for the purpose of managing and facilitating your business is different from self-development. Mindset is key and yes it can be scary facing your fears. Equally, it can be exciting and the realisation of what’s keeping you stuck liberating.

The first book I read was The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and one I recommend. The perfect place to start.

3. Not creating a team soon enough

This is a biggie ... and was huge for me. I started my business as a Virtual Assistant, I was the support and the mindset shift took a long time.

Hiring help or outsourcing is scary I know, and I get it. Here’s the thing you can’t be and are not expected to be the expert in all areas of business. You can’t do everything, there just isn’t enough hours in the day. Engaging help sooner rather than later will bring your vision closer, quicker and more easily.

The trick is to build the business now for the success of the future.

4. Being everywhere on social media

Social media is a valuable marketing tool and I was everywhere. I ran masterclasses on the subject so felt I needed to be.

Time is essential for creating a return and engagement results from you showing up. And with content consumed in different ways across the platforms ... it’s exhausting. The great news is that you only need to be where your perfect customer or client hangs out.

By choosing your platforms wisely and use your time efficiently you will achieve far greater return on your investment.

5. Not focusing on the priorities

This is why planning with the future in mind is necessary, without clear direction you jump here, there and everywhere - just like I did.

You can only focus on the priorities when you know what they are. Without this clarity, you will give your attention to anything and everything else. Sometimes this occurs because the priorities will take you outside of your comfort zone, it’s why self-development is so important.

When you’re able to focus on the priorities, those that will move the business forward you will start to enjoy more than enough time.

6. Underspending in the business

In many ways, this is linked to three above and while I’ve never had a problem with investing in business coaches, spending money in and on the business never came easy to me.

There is something to be said for running a lean business, keeping your spending under control and of course spending on the right things. But NOT investing in the right equipment or tools can hold you back.

Spend wisely and invest in your business to improve your efficiency and ability to run your business smoothly

7. Not being honest with myself

I was great at telling myself everything was okay; I was on track and the business was in a good place.

In many respects it was but without a future plan, the map to guide me I was working too many hours and not giving my attention to the priorities. I was busy for busy sake and not spending enough time out of the business. Meaning I was not getting the results I needed. Sound familiar?

Honesty really is the best policy, especially with yourself. A business coach will ask you the right questions and support you to answer honestly. So you can move forward and the business can grow.

Start creating freedom in your business today

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