I write often about success, it’s what we all strive and work to achieve. My job as a business coach is to empower you to achieve your success, to guide you on your path. It’s what ultimately makes me successful.

this way, that wayBeing invited into a business is an honour and privilege, one I never take for granted. I’m most often invited in because my client is at a crossroads, ready to up-level or feels stuck.

This doesn’t mean that they or their business is failing, quite the opposite in fact. It takes strength to reach out for help and I’ve not yet worked with a client who doesn’t embrace the journey.

Leading a business can be a lonely place, particularly and obviously if you’re a solopreneur. And with no one to bounce ideas off, to cross-reference and check plans with doubt can creep in.

Lead your business to success

I was fortunate that in my ‘corporate’ and ‘employed’ days I was leading the organisations I worked for. Because of their size, I was (just as I am now) wearing many hats. One-minute emptying the bins, the next working on budgets or personnel issues.

It was an insight into the future and what it would be like running my own business. This is not the case for everyone, and many take the brave step to follow their passion without the grounding I was fortunate enough to enjoy.

Wearing your CEO pants, a phrase I use frequently is essential for leading the business. It’s you taking control of your business to create a reality from your dreams. Here are three ways to start wearing your CEO pants and with confidence.

1. Start seeing yourself as the CEO

When employed titles were everywhere, often worn like a badge of honour, each person knowing their role and where they fit in the business. Whether you call yourself an owner, director or CEO – the sooner you start assuming the role the better. This is not you as the ‘facilitator’ of the business but you as the visionary.

2. Schedule and hold regular meetings with the team and I recommend monthly

Okay, this might just be you. But setting aside time on a regular basis to analyse the business is important. This is when you review your plans, accounts, sales pipeline and marketing activity. Your thinking time for strategic planning, checking in with the business to make sure you’re on track and for making adjustments if necessary.

3. Build your team before you need it

Not easy as I know from experience and yet key to your success. Start immediately and small if this is more comfortable, by employing an accountant to submit your annual tax return for instance. Decide where you need support and what can be outsourced to free up your time up for driving the business forward. Make these decisions based on the future business, the one you're creating!

Own your business, step into the role of leading your business and never doubt your ability to do so.

If you’re stuck, struggling with leading the business or need a sounding board, please reach out and book a Business Freedom Coaching Call, a free no-obligation coaching session.