I have the most beautiful pen, the ink flows, there is no leakage and it feels amazing in my hand. When I use this pen, it feels easy ... and yet, it’s heavy. When something feels uncomfortable, heavy or difficult in the business should you let it go?

What are you holding on to that is holding you back?

What do you need to let go of to create your freedomI’ve always believed that what you need will show up when you need it most. Although I now better understand you need to be willing and ready to accept.

Over the past twelve months, I’ve been connecting with a new breed of coach and coaching. New to me as it was always there and actually I was already receiving their content. But wasn’t ready.

Then BOOM the time was right and I was ready to accept.

And boy has it been exciting, I'm now enjoying the confidence to let go of old stories and habits and implement my plans with ease.

While having the most fun ever.

Did you grow up in a world where hard work was the norm?

I did. Even now you and I are surrounded by examples of this, such as Elon Musk and his seventeen-hour days.

The good news is, there's a shift and you can be part of this new movement.

Companies are starting to embrace the four-day week concept, a big leap from the flexible working approach. AND business coaches like the ones I follow believe your business should provide you with the freedom to live a better life – as do I.

You became an entrepreneur because you most likely wanted something different, greater control over how and when you worked. Unfortunately, and too easily you may have found yourself working more hours and earning less money. Like so many others and me at the beginning of my journey.

What is the secret to earning your desired income while working less?

When employed my work or job defined me. My title, my take-home pay and even having a business card told me how successful I was. Plus, I believed that working beyond the 9-5 proved how important I was - so I did.

Then when I started the business back in 2013 I was busy - often busy for busy sake. Because working into the night meant I was successful. Working every weekend meant I was doing okay.

Thank goodness I realised there is more to life than work. That success goes way beyond that of a title or money earnt. It’s about the life I live, the way in which I show up and how I contribute.

I’ve learnt to let go of anything in the business that doesn’t inspire or excite me. I’m learning to delegate not to save time but to create it for growing the business. Now focusing my attention only on that which drives the business forward and having the most fun I possibly can while doing it.

The result for me personally is exponential and here's how.

I spend and enjoy quality time with my children (and my husband - felt he should get a mention). Take yesterday for example, when the kids wanted to go to the park after school. Previously I would have said ‘no I need to get home I’ve ‘stuff’ to do’.

Boring stuff around the house that has no impact on their little lives. Although no clean school uniform for the morning or more importantly food on the table might have disturbed them a little but you get the idea.

An hour in the park, sat in the sunshine watching my kids play. A time that cost me nothing and I got to chat to a really good friend while laughter could be heard all around us. I also learnt how to French Braid my daughters’ hair (a personal goal I've been trying to crack for years)!

Back home, I quickly put food in the oven and the three us went outside to bounce on the trampoline. When exhausted by bouncing we simply lay on the trampoline and watched the clouds. I'm grateful for the business that is creating the freedom I desire.

Does your business create the freedom you desire and deserve?

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PS. I haven’t stopped using my heavy pen as it’s a daily reminder to use the time I have in the business effectively and the importance of being free.