I had one of those moments this week. Most likely caused by the number of emails hitting my inbox telling me I only had six months to achieve my 2019 goals - argghhhh!

Plus, I’d just taken five days out of the business to relax in Spain with my girlfriends - a well-deserved break I might add.

what to do when - you don't know what to do\Everyone suffers from moments of panic. When unsure what needs doing or you should be doing ... you revert to procrastinating. Worrying about everything and anything and NOT physically doing anything at all.

Anything of importance that is. And by the way scrolling your Facebook or Instagram feed is not important. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself 'it's for business purposes'.

I returned from my fabulous trip and spent the first morning back at my desk planning for the new quarter and month ahead. Knowing it was good use of my time and by close of play, I was feeling calm and in control.

So why did I suffer overwhelm as the week progressed? 
Because it happens to the best of us.

The key is not to panic, which I will admit I did for a full afternoon. Which meant I got snappy with the kids and annoyed with the husband for not doing X, Y and Z while I was away. Not helpful in any way. It was time to take a breath, remind myself of my vision and refocus.

So how did I do to restore calm?

You mean once I'd stopped panicking, snapping and got over the jobs that hadn’t been done because my husband and kids were having a fabulous time together?

I used the following steps which I share with you for those days when running to the hills or hiding under the desk seem like the best options.

1. Realign yourself with the bigger picture

It can be easy to lose focus when panic sets in which can result in procrastination, swinging from one decision to the next and giving your attention to anything but the important. All adding to the overwhelm. Remind yourself of the bigger picture, the end destination and decide on the activity that will have the greatest impact.

2. Focus on the priorities

By reviewing and realigning yourself with the bigger picture it’s easier to focus on the priorities. The projects that truly matter and need your attention; resulting in you giving less weight to anything else.

3. Don’t rush in

This is a big one for me as I can rush in all guns blazing before considering what matters most. It’s why step one is so important and the first on my list. It also stops you from giving attention to the small tasks and activities that may provide you with a feeling of accomplishment and yet won’t bring your success goals closer.

4. Remind yourself of how far you’ve already come

A great way to ensure three above doesn’t happen is to step back and admire the view. Take stock of all you’ve achieved, the journey so far and everything you’ve learnt along the way.

I practice gratitude and appreciation every morning, a wonderful way to start any day. And not the first time I've mentioned the importance of celebrating the successes you've already achieved and the distance you've travelled.

5. Plan and schedule with your diary open

One of the mistakes I consistently made in the past and still do on occasion is to plan the month ahead with no consideration to what’s already in the diary. At times setting myself up to fail without even realising it. Planning for the month ahead, week by week creates focus and keeps you on track.


Clarity of vision is key to your success. But the vision can fade or be lost in the day to day running of your business. The steps above are a great way to check in with you and your business any time you're feeling the pressure.

A phrase I use often is ‘put your CEO pants on’ and that’s exactly how to lead your business to the success you desire and the freedom you deserve.

If you’re finding yourself at a loss, reach out and book a FREE Business Coaching Call. Where together we shall bring the vision back into focus and I shall guide you in deciding on the next steps you need to take.