Last week I explained the importance of staring with the end in mind. It’s the only place to start because without knowing where you want to go, you can't create the path to your destination?

A path that is yours and a blueprint for achieving your success.

create your own blueprint for successOften so busy consuming the content of others you miss the opportunity to develop your plan, your guiding document and blueprint. You’re sidetracked by the advice, left confused, overwhelmed and wondering ‘how the hell did that happen’ – you can tell I’ve been there.

You’re most likely bombarded by emails and reading conflicting information daily. And it can take years to find the ‘right’ coaches and mentors that suit you, your style and who you want to be.

Only now am I receiving into my inbox emails with the same and consistent message that totally resonates with where I am and more importantly where I want to be. Each delivered in their own way but their message always similar and clear.

Equally, like me, you’ve most likely downloaded help sheets, worksheets and checklists. Then given them a quick glance and filed for another day.

If they were exactly what you needed, surely you would have taken the time to consume, use or complete. You've filed away because of content fatigue and yet may miss the hidden gem you need.

You grab free content seeking a solution and hoping for the answers that you so desperately need.

Yet, often the answers are already within, you simply need guidance to bring them to the surface and courage to implement.

The best free content is valuable and always exactly what you need. However, sometimes you’re not ready for it or don’t see it as valuable ... just yet.

Coaches and influencers that I now follow and content I consume would not have been right for me three years ago. All appearing at the right time, when I needed them most and was ready.

Start being more selective to reduce content fatigue and overload.

Consume what you need and use what resonates to create YOUR blueprint for success.

By surrendering to what is holding you back solutions will come and the right people will appear.

This is your journey, your business and it’s time to design the blueprint that is right for you. I encourage you to step back and surrender, create the space to design your blueprint and path to success.