Start with the end in mind always. A simple tip and one that I must confess had rather passed me by. A lightbulb moment that has resulted in greater focus and increased productivity. More importantly, everything becoming easier and more fun!

Start with the end in mindOften busy creating and doing it can be easy to forget why you're giving your time to an activity or project. Both in the sense of where it fits into the overall picture and what result you want to achieve from the activity itself.

Both equally important in different ways.

I have to admit that I'm a 'dive in' type of person, or was. I need this, I should be doing that and boom I was creating and doing. Adding more tasks and actions to the to-do list and creating more overwhelm and stress.

Add to this that in the past I was Queen of over overcomplicating everything and anything. I'm what I refer to myself as 'in recovery' - working hard to NOW make it easy and keep it simple.

While some might say I was tenacious with boundless energy to achieve anything that I turned my hand to. The truth was I did a very good impression of a duck ... calm on the surface and paddling like a crazy thing beneath. Trying to keep up with my own madness that I called planning.

By gaining total clarity on where you want the business to be and the dreams you aspire to achieve. Along with knowing exactly what success will look and feel like will ensure that you don't dive in without first considering the bigger vision or mission of the business. 

Developing a ten-year plan for the business was a game changer for me and can be for youIt's one of the first exercises I do with all my clients and it's liberating.

Enabling them to gain the clarity they need and understand where their attention is truly needed. Believe it or not, it also gives them permission to stop doing anything and everything that doesn't feel fun.

The concept of starting with the end of mind applies to everything you do. Writing a blog, sending an email, creating a lead magnet - even the humble tweet or Facebook post.

I recently attended a brilliant and inspiring presentation by Haydn Ellen of JEL Media on the topic of digital marketing. His message was loud and clear ... 'value first' and this is true of not just your marketing. Starting with the end in mind becomes even easier when you're putting value and your customer first. With a clarity of the bigger picture, the pieces of your business success will come together with ease.

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