I am no different from you and like you have days when I could just scream. When everything seems harder than it should be and nothing is going right. It’s usually because I’m pushing to create, achieve or do, I’m not allowing the process to flow or be fun - I’m putting myself under pressure.

five things you can do instead of screamingLast week I had one of 'those' days resulting in me walking around the house repeating ‘make it easy’. Which it wasn’t and for some reason I wasn’t able to do. Frustrated I gave up and I'll be honest not been back to the project ... yet!

Walking away and coming back to a task or project at another time is often the very best decision you can make. Yet, not always possible.

Here are five things you can do next time you want to scream and can't walk away.

1. Tidy your desk or work area

Don't know about you but I can't work when surrounded by mess and it increases my anxiety. So spending time tidying your work area can give you the few minutes you need to breathe and relax again. Doing something mundane and without conscious thought can help you to clear the mind of all that is blocking your ability to achieve the task at hand. It might sound simple and silly but it works, give it a try.

2. Take a break and refuel

You wouldn’t expect your car to complete a journey with the needle on empty and you are no different. Eating and staying hydrated are a priority and meal breaks should never be taken at your desk. Equally drinking gallons of coffee are not helpful either, I speak from experience as a BIG coffee drinker. Try to alternate with herbal teas or hot water with a few slices of lemon. Anything to reduce the caffeine your taking on board, which is probably increasing your anxiety. Even better head outside for some fresh air and reconnect with nature.

3. Brain dump and clear your thoughts

You can’t possibly be productive with your mind jumping all over the place and random thoughts such as ‘what’s for tea’ adding to the internal chatter. Get it down and out on paper, enabling you to return to the task at hand with no further distraction. By the way, this is not the time to start attacking the quick jobs on that list. No, the exercise is to clear the mind so you can return to the priority. Don't worry the list will still be there later.

4. Stop and meditate

When busy both mentally and physically it can feel as if you’re on high alert, which may impact your ability to focus on the task at hand. Use guided meditation or go outside and tune into your senses, what can you hear, smell, taste or even feel. Ten minutes is all you need to calm the nerves, slow the heart rate and bring you back re-energised and focused. It's also a great way to start any day and worth adding to your morning routine, it's been a game changer for me and stops me jumping in feet first with no real thought to where my attention is needed.

5. Ask for help

You don’t have to do everything and you don’t have to do this alone. Reach out for help, whether that’s asking a friend to pick up the kids from school or calling a business ‘friend’ to help with a particular task. They can’t help unless you ask and it's not a sign of weakness, in fact, the complete opposite. Ask yourself what can be outsourced and yes this is scary .. both in letting go and financially. But not putting in place a team before you need them could be holding your business back. Again I speak from experience and wish I'd outsourced much earlier ... instead of trying to be superwoman, especially since wearing my pants over my jeans wasn't a good look!

Finally ... recognising your trigger points for overwhelm and stress is a great step to avoiding them in the future. Equally, take note of when you have a really great day. The ones when you have more than enough time and when the clock seems to almost stop. When you glide from one action to the next with ease. Be more aware to improve your productivity.

If you’re struggling with staying focused, sick of the day running away from you and ready to put the fun back into your business. Book a Business Freedom Coaching Call and together we shall uncover the hidden challenges sabotaging not only your day but your path to success.