Today I write having been inspired by a 'thought', which I received from The Thoughts Project and written by the brilliant Mark Fritz. An international specialist on leadership and who I've had the pleasure of meeting virtually.

Image shared with kind permission of Mark Fritz

The thought is “If you really wanted it ... you would be taking a lot more action on it right now.”  And I couldn't agree more. If you want it badly enough you will do everything in your power to achieve it.

And I know you can because you're an entrepreneur and every day finding creative solutions and solving problems. 
No matter what you desire, you can and will find a way. You perhaps just don't know where to start, yet!

It really is that simple, you need to start and it all begins with clarity of your desire, followed by taking the action needed.

Even more exciting ... from this place you will want to create the time needed and will focus on the action. Distractions will become a thing of the past and you will stop doing anything that doesn’t move you towards the end goal.

‘I don’t have the time Lindsey’ you might be yelling.

You do have the time; you have all the time in the world BUT right now you are choosing not to have. Clarity brings purpose, energy and a whole lot of joy. You will finish tasks quicker and make decisions faster. You will benefit from increased productivity and efficiency creating even more time for you to enjoy; in and out of the business.

‘But I’m scared Lindsey’ you might now be admitting.

Firstly, you are not alone. I talk about fear often and from experience. It’s what holds you stuck. Because your desire is most likely going to take you outside of your comfort zone. You fear the change that is needed and you may even fear success itself.

A great question to ask yourself when the voice of doubt is coming through loud and clear or you’re not able to quiet the inner critic is: What if I do nothing? Or an even better one is ‘how will I feel when I achieve my desire’?

Mindset is everything

I love this quote by Theodore Roosevelt .... "Believe you can and you're halfway there". When you want something badly enough you will find a way, when you believe you can achieve your mission, goal or manifest your desire your halfway there.

Your time is now

Taking action is powerful, creates momentum and increases your confidence. Taking ‘a lot more action’ doesn’t mean you have to be spending every waking hour on something. I interpret it as making the commitment to the goal or desire and taking the first step, the rest will follow with ease. 

If you feel stuck, fed up with being busy for busy sake and have a dream to fulfil. Book a Business Freedom Coaching Call and together let’s get crystal clear on your desire for the business. So, you can take the first step.