Over recent weeks my writing has very much had a ‘success’ focus – well let’s be honest, it's what you desire and YOU deserve. Today I'm here to remind you to take the action and implement your plan. Creating the momentum you need so you will achieve that success and turn your dreams into a reality.

Success is different for everyone

start taking the action nowWhat you consider to be a success in your business will be different from your competitor, the person you sit next to at networking and me. It’s what I love about coaching, as I get to support entrepreneurs from different fields and areas of expertise. Each with a different success desire.

What does success mean to you?

Is it based around turnover, number of clients or the amount of freedom you will create and enjoy outside of the business? A combination of all three or something different entirely. With clarity of what success is for you and your business, you can execute the plan to achieve it.

So what is the key to success?

Implementation and action – and it really is that simple.

Yet fear can you hold back and keep you stuck

Fear of the unknown, of developing the business, trying something new or making changes. Being outside of your comfort zone, another topic I’ve written about many times.

Fear can manifest from looking at what needs doing as a whole, instead of the tiny steps or actions that are needed. Starting with that all important first step.

Plus, success takes time

You may see success only in the finished product, targets reached and money rolling in. Causing frustration and disappointment from wanting it now, instead of learning from the journey.

It fascinates me that ‘we’ – yes I do it as well – don’t celebrate each and every step. While focusing on the end goal is important, so is the journey.

I’ve mentioned before how I’m giving greater attention to my own mindset and learning to be grateful for even the smallest of wins in and out of the business. Take this morning, I dropped the kids off at breakfast club and was heading across town to a networking event I’d not attended before.

At the third set of traffic lights I realised every one of them so far had been green – ‘thank you universe’ I said with a big grin. While I wasn’t particularly running late, I was going to a new venue and I’m always a little anxious about finding new venues and arriving on time. Well as close to on time as is possible for me.

I continued to enjoy green lights, no queue at the petrol station and a warm smile and a ‘how are you today’ from the cashier. A few minutes later I had a strong feeling I’d gone the wrong way. Previously this would have resulted in a huge amount of huffing and turning the car around feeling cross – today I felt none of those things and arrived on the dot of 8 am.

My message is ... take the first baby step, be patient and admire the view

Don’t allow stress, overwhelm and busy hold you back and stop you from enjoying the journey. The first step or action is all that is required to start – what step will you take today?


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