Over the past eighteen months, I’ve been doing a HUGE amount of mindset work. I’ve been opening myself up to new ways of doing and thinking about 'stuff' in the business. It’s been exciting and of course scary. It’s the leap of faith that will enable me to fly.

Take the leap and flyI wish I’d understood the importance of mindset sooner but have to accept that I wasn’t ready. There is no point in wishing for what never happened and instead, I shall step into the new power that I’m creating.

Feeling stuck is a nasty place to be. It allows procrastination to take hold, doubt to be with you always and has a negative impact on all that you do. Stopping you from reaching your full potential.

There are many reasons why you may be staying stuck.

Fear being the obvious one, fear of trying something new or doing it differently. Fear of success. And yes, it’s hard to imagine being fearful of success but it’s common.

It can be safer to stay just where you are, not changing or growing. It’s what you know and where you’re comfortable. Unfortunately, being safe does not stretch you, or your business. It keeps you stuck – again commonplace for many.

Imposter syndrome is another. Worrying that you’re not good enough and worse not ready resulting in a continual cycle of ‘education’. Preventing you from starting and learning to fly.

In my recent Facebook Note called Try Something New, I shared the reasons I didn’t want to go for a run with my daughter. They weren’t reasons at all ... just amazing excuses.

You are most likely brilliant at creating excuses

For all the reasons I’ve mentioned, fear, staying safe and imposter syndrome. You might not even realise it.

If you’re a regular reader of my content, you will know that I'm an advocate of creating success on YOUR terms - it's core in all I do and the way I work. It's really important to me because I recognise that while we all have 24-hours, the hours you have available will be different from mine and the next person I coach. It’s how you use the time you have, where you decide in the business to give your energy and focus.

We’ve all done it. Listening to a highly successful entrepreneur or in my case business coach. Telling us they manage a nine-figure business, have four children, two other businesses, etc, etc, etc. In our minds thinking but they have a cleaner, staff, a personal trainer, chef – we imagine this privileged life and business.

I have to remind myself they didn’t start that way and with a turnover of that size, they have additional pressure and stress. I should not and no longer judge them. As I’ve now come to realise that those thoughts were nothing more than a reflection of my own inadequacies ... my own excuses.

I’m happy to say I now listen to their podcasts or read their blogs or books so I might benefit from their wisdom. Learn from their journey and where they are now.

Are you ready to take the leap and fly? Book a Business Freedom Coaching Call, so together we can define your future and you can take the first step to achieve your success.