Are you like me, always parking in the same place? I’m a creature of habit and I like order and routine. When using a car park in my home town I tend to park in the same area. Over the years I've worked out the most convenient places to park for what I want to achieve and where the largest spaces are located.

shake it upThe main reason I park in the same spot is so I can actually find my car when I return! Nothing more embarrassing than wondering the car park with no recollection of where you parked it. And yes I've done this! I once even reported my car stolen - because it wasn't parked outside my house. Fortunately, as I was making the report, remembered I'd parked it down the road!

While parking in the same spot makes good sense (essential for me) doing the same thing over and over in your business does not.

Especially if you’re not achieving the results that you desire. Bringing to mind a quote that you’ve probably heard before:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Unknown


You are most likely continuing with the same actions and steps from a place of comfort. It’s what you know and possibly even like doing. Fear keeping you from trying something new and you are not alone.

It takes a brave man or woman to shake it up, throw everything into the air and see what sticks. I work with a business coach for this very reason, they are there to support and guide me. Giving me the confidence to shake it up and say 'I’m going to break all the rules and do it my way’ - which is hugely empowering!

Here’s the thing

You might be giving attention to activity because you think you should be doing it and because it’s expected. EXPECTED BY WHO?

You may be focusing on actions because you’ve been told it’s the right thing to do. BUT IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS?

Perhaps you’re giving time to steps in the business because everyone else is doing it. WHO SAYS IT’S THE RIGHT STEPS FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS?

Apologies for the capitals and shouting but I have an important message for you.

You are unique and therefore your business is unique. You only need to take the actions and steps that are right for you and your fabulous business. Let me explain, if you hate going live on Facebook don’t and if writing is not your thing but you love creating videos create a vlog.

If making sales calls is not your thing (actually it’s not really anyone’s thing)? Then find another way to ‘sell’ or stop. ‘Now you’re talking crazy Lindsey’. No, I’m not and here is why and let’s use the selling example as it’s a good one.

If you hate selling, you are going to suck at it! So shake it up and find another way. Just like you, I hate selling, yet I was offering a free coaching session sell and yes I sucked at it. I either wasn't in the moment so was not doing myself justice and most definitely not the person I was giving my time to or I forget to make an offer.

I no longer offer these calls with the intention of selling. No, the sole purpose is to serve. If at the end I'm asked ‘hey Lindsey how can we work together?’ great but I won’t be making an offer, that way I focus only on the outcome of the coaching session for you. It's so much easier and I no longer suck at selling.

This switch in thinking means I go into the Business Freedom Coaching Call with completely different energy and it feels great simply being in the moment with an intention to serve.

Start giving your time and attention only to what excites you. Be brave, shake it up and change direction. Get out of your place of safety and do it differently – do it your way. The only person or thing stopping you ... is YOU!

Shake it up at your pace

I don’t recommend (unless you feel the need and inspiration) to change everything at once. You know already that I like parking in the same spot in a car park and a creature of habit. I absolutely started slowly here and yet once you start you will gain momentum. Resulting in you taking bigger and braver steps.

If your anxiety levels are on the rise just thinking about change, are you suffering from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? Worried that if you stop posting to LinkedIn you will miss out on business, or if you don’t blog your website will crash – okay that is very extreme!

Let me share something with you, I don’t feel connected to LinkedIn (shocker because my perfect clients are there) BUT it doesn’t suit my personality at all. So I’ve stopped giving it my attention – end of. I can’t attribute any business to my time spent on the platform so by stopping I’m not going to miss an opportunity.

I can nip back in if I desire and seek out individuals if I choose – can even change my mind in the future if I choose so I’m totally okay with my decision. And it means I can give more time to Facebook which I love, where I feel connected to my amazing audience and where I can be me.

Making the decision was a relief but it took time and believe it or not I first increased my activity. Then slowly reduced my attention before going boom, I’ve had enough. It’s a huge sense of relief and you can experience this in your business.

Book a Business Freedom Coaching Call, the no sales call and together let's create a plan for shaking your business up, creating a new path of only the action that inspires and excites you. You can access my diary here.