Prepare to succeed, a topic I covered in this week’s Live Masterclass over in the Make It Happen Facebook group. And resulted in one viewer deciding it was time to step into the role of being the CEO of her business and outsource her social media. Boom, result.

are you ready to succeedThose three little words 'prepare to succeed' were given to me by an email I received into my personal inbox on the subject of DIY. I love that it’s not about success, instead, it refers to succeeding – a done deal!

Of course, to succeed at something you must first know what that ‘something’ actually is. Therefore, its essential you have clarity on what success is for your business and what it will look like.

Perhaps success is a consistent flow of perfect clients or customers, from systems and process that work like a dream and without any effort. Resulting in a six-figure business, in which you’re supported by a small but awesome team and you working only four days a week.

Knowing the destination means you can plan the journey.

Resulting in you only focusing on the priorities and making distractions a thing of the past. Overwhelm won’t exist for you and you will have more than enough time because you’re giving your attention and energy to the right actions.

I ask my clients to go a step further and detail what success in the business will mean to them personally. Let’s for a minute imagine you are a six-figure business owner and working only four days a week.

Would this mean you finally write that book you’ve been talking about, spend school holidays travelling the world with your children? Or will you buy a new car, build an extension on your home or treat yourself to a monthly day at the spa? There is no right or wrong answer here – this is your life!

Often the personal why is far stronger and more powerful than your business why. And success in the business is absolutely interconnected with you outside of your business.

Once you’re crystal clear on what the success looks like, you can step up and own that position.

Putting in place the systems and processes you will need, upgrading your customer service. Giving yourself permission to stop doing the grunt work and behind the scenes admin and reaching out for support in advance of needing it.

Ensuring you’re ready for when you succeed because remember it’s a done deal. You’ve set the intention; you’re taking the actions and steps of the successful business owner that you are. You’re an entrepreneur who knows where they're going, taking daily action with succeeding in mind.

When working in this way, the day to day worries you might have previously been experiencing disappear. The mind is no longer going over every scenario or possibility because you’re on the right path. You will be making decisions faster, taking full responsibility for your success that is a foregone conclusion and overflowing with confidence.

Are you ready to take the steps to succeed? Are you ready to create a successful business that creates an abundance of time and wealth?

Shouting yell yes at the screen, then book a Business Freedom Coaching Call and let’s talk.