You're most likely (just like everyone else) on a quest to increase your productivity in the business. Seeking a way of creating more time, that can be spent in the business or even outside of it. I hope you also want to find a way of working that results in you loving your business.

Take control of your dayPerhaps you're so busy you haven't the ‘time’ to even think about how you might improve your efficiency, increase your productivity and create more time.

You're NOT alone plus I've also been right where you are. Overwhelmed by all you believe needs doing, unsure of the next steps and stuck.

It’s not a great place to be because it creates more overwhelm and yes you guessed it ... more being busy.

So, what can you do?

Here are three things you can change right now to increase your productivity and will result in you receiving an abundance of time.

Begin your day with purpose

How you start your day, impacts your day and you know this already from experience – as do I. You've experienced those days when the time has flown because you've been in flow and when you've smashed your 'to-do' list. Compared to a day when nothing goes right and you end the day wondering what the hell you've been doing.

Planning your day puts you in total control of you and the time that you have available. And this goes beyond planning. I begin mine with journaling and meditation. Clearing the mind of doubts, worries and anything that will hold me back or prevent me from beginning my work day in the right mindset.

Creating a routine stops you from jumping into the day without purpose. Your mind is clear and ready for the day ahead.

Focus on the priorities

When planning for the day ahead, decide on the priorities first. The tasks that will have the greatest impact or have a deadline attached. No more than three and I’ve learnt that no more than two works best for me. These priorities get your attention before anything else. Which means you need a way of avoiding the distractions e.g. email, which I check twice a day and the first time not till 10.30am.

I'm choosing not to allow email to throw me off track or distract me from my priorities. Start recognising your distractions, those that prevent you from focusing your attention on the priorities of the day.

Always check your diary before deciding on your priorities to ensure you have the time available in your day. Jumping from one task to the next or call, or meeting will interrupt your flow, resulting in any task or activity taking twice as long.

Just Start

Yes, it is really that simple and this applies to any project or task. By starting the questions in your head, along with the doubts that are keeping you stuck disappear. Plus, it’s easier to perfect something you’re actually working on, as opposed to perfect in your head!

When you take that first step and begin you can see where help and support are needed and put that in place. Instead of running through each and every scenario in your head. Which by the way takes up valuable energy and time, impacting all that you’re doing in the business. Stopping you making good and fast decisions, keeping you overwhelmed and most likely stressed.

Fear of starting is common, yet when you feel fear or the thought of starting something makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s most likely exactly what you should be doing!


If you’re feeling stuck, or unsure of the next steps in your business, book a Business Freedom Coaching Call. It’s my gift to you, forty-five minutes when together we shall uncover the hidden challenges holding you stuck, busy and overwhelmed. This is not a sales call. If you would like to talk more about working with me fantastic but you are not obliged or required to.

In fact, if after the coaching call you’re inspired, back on track and skipping off into the distance, I will be doing a happy dance for you knowing my work is done.