Of course, you’re not deliberately keeping yourself stuck, although you might be doing just that without realising it. I’ve recently been doing a huge amount of personal work, around mindset, manifesting, the law of attraction and money blocks. It’s been eye-opening and I’m thrilled that it’s not only having a positive impact on my business but my life as a whole.

You might be thinking ‘I'm not stuck Lindsey’, which is great to hear and I’m thrilled that you’ve already found a way to create and maintain momentum.

Momentum being the opposite of stuck, but what do I mean by ‘keeping yourself stuck’.

Are you stuck through not knowing where to start?

are you holding you stuck?Have you ever or do you have a project you want to start or finish? An activity you want to incorporate into the business but don’t know where to begin or task you’re simply avoiding?

Firstly, you’re not alone and you might simply be finding it tough to get started because of the enormity of the task or activity. Which can cause overwhelm and leads to procrastination – resulting in you doing nothing? Or you giving your attention to anything and everything but the task in hand.

Yet if you simply break the task or project down into manageable steps, tiny, baby steps you can get started and this creates momentum. Knowing the steps you need to take puts you in control and enables you to see where support or help is needed.

When I refer to support I don’t only mean outsourcing, this in itself can be scary and leave you doing nothing. But by understanding what support you need, you can reach out to find it, perhaps in the form of training, learning or free Facebook challenge.

If you don’t know what needs doing you can’t start and if you don’t know what help you need you can’t find it.

Are you stuck through fear?

This is equally not uncommon. Often the very thing that you fear will have the greatest impact on your business. If it makes you feel uncomfortable it’s exactly what needs your attention. Easy for me to say and write you might be thinking – yet I’ve also been there, knowing I need to implement a change, do something different or new. At times like these, even the filing looks more appealing and important!

When you fear something, it can again be due to the enormity of what lies ahead and what needs doing. Again, break it down into manageable and less scary steps and don't forget to reach out for support and help.

If you’re avoiding an activity and know your fearfully of starting, give it your attention when your most productive and at your best. I’ve started to use a technique I read about, the 90-90-1. You work ninety minutes a day, for ninety days on one task.

I’ve adapted this using ninety-minute slots for the priorities in my business, giving the minimum of ninety minutes to those activities that will have the greatest impact or need my attention.

Are you stuck because you’re literally overwhelmed by all that needs doing?

This is a HUGE one for me and I know that I’ve been guilty of this in the past. Cramming as many activities as I possibly can into the day – not taking into consideration the hours I have available to me. Being busy for busy sake and crossing off the quick and easy wins before giving my attention to the priorities, which I then no longer have time for because I've been working on everything else but the priorities. Sound familiar?

Working in this way perpetuations overwhelm and occurs when you’ve not given thought to your bigger vision. Only when you truly understand where you’re going can you plan to reach the destination you’ve chosen. Improving your decision making and increase your productivity because you will quite literally have your eye on the end game.

You won’t allow yourself to be distracted, you will choose your tasks and activities well. You will stop jumping on the newest and brightest thing to come along and will stop marketing your business in a way that is uncomfortable because everyone else is doing this, that or the other.

Be in total control and put your CEO pants on

I talked about putting your CEO pants on in a recent Facebook live, you can check it out and watch the replay here. If you're not a member of the group you will need to join, which you’re just three little questions away from doing.

Being a solopreneur, entrepreneur or owner of a small business can be a lonely journey – although it doesn’t have to be - except for many it is. When you started your business, you didn’t anticipate being the Finance Director, the Marketing Manager, Head of Sales and general dogsbody – yet you are all those things.

With clarity of the business vision, you can better steer your business towards the end goal.

Just because you don’t have a team, doesn’t mean you shouldn't have regular team meetings – and yes this might be just you! It's important to set aside regular time to review the business and your activity - wearing your CEO pants with pride.

Put your BIG CEO pants on today, recognise and acknowledge where you’re stuck and do something about it. Take control, be brave and take the first step. You’ve got this and I believe in YOU.

Need a little help and ready to move from stuck to smashing it? Book a forty-five-minute Business Freedom Coaching Call, this is not a sales call on my part. NO, this is me offering you dedicated space and time to wear your CEO pants and make decisions that will inspire you. Book your coaching session here.