This is a question I often ask in my Facebook Group, to inspire thought and to help me understand the need of members. It’s a fabulous question and the amount is deliberately small, okay that is relative but small compared to say a million pounds.

I’m gifting you a virtual £10,000 (or equivalent in any currency) – how will you spend it?baby steps

Would you commission a new website, hire a virtual assistant (VA), spend it on Facebook advertising or purchase new equipment? Hire a copywriter or invest in a business coach or coaching programme? Write it down now, the first thing that came into your mind.

You might feel scared of investing in yourself or your business because money is scarce right now. Maybe you feel it’s not the right time, you’re not ready or not good enough – all untrue by the way.

I guarantee you can find more than enough excuses not to invest, your mind will be wild crazy with all the reasons in the world right now– because you’re allowing it to.

Let me help you to invest the virtual £10,000 I’ve given you.

You wrote down how you would invest the money, now I want you to think about how that would make you feel. Relieved, happy or excited - scared? There are no wrong or right answers here, just write what comes to mind.

My hope is that you wrote all those things relieved, happy, excited and scared. Proving that how you've decided to invest the money is right. Believe it or not, feeling ‘scared’ is a good thing as most often on the other side of fear is where the magic happens.

Notice I'm using the word invest. That's because I want you to stop thinking of it as spending and instead investing in you and the future of your business. An investment that will create an even greater abundance.

What difference will investing the money in this way have on you and in your business?

Will it create more time, enable you to generate more business or enable you to work more efficiently? What are the results you will expect, desire and can achieve? Write down the difference to you and to your business investing the money in this way WILL have.

This should further evoke feelings of excitement and I encourage you to dig deep. For instance, would hiring a VA result in you being able to focus on a new project or mean working evenings and weekends is the exception and not the rule. If you outsource your bookkeeping, how would you use the hours you gain back, could you increase the number of clients you work with or finish at midday on a Friday?

Stating 'by doing X I will create X number of ‘free’ hours' won’t wash. Unless you're clear on exactly how you will use those hours, I guarantee you'll waste them. By writing ‘hire a copywriter’ you most likely won’t – you need to decide how you'll use one in the business and the difference it will make.

What is stopping you taking the first step to invest your virtual £10k?

Now you might say ‘I’ve not got £10k Lindsey’ or be yelling ‘send it over Lindsey I’m ready to invest’. I hope its the later because that means you’re ready to invest in you and your business.

All you now need to do is break it down into manageable steps and I guarantee there will be steps you can start taking today without the £10,000. Below you will find some examples:

1. Hire a VA’s: start with researching price, how it works and seek recommendations. Create a working document where you make note of all the jobs that you could outsource. Reach out and make contact with a VA. You may find that you can afford one right now and by starting small e.g. ten hours per month.

2. Commission a new website: research websites you love and hate, begin work on a brief stating your aims and objectives for the site – your non-negotiables, must-haves, hates and dislikes. Seek recommendations, check them out and why not make an appointment to meet.

3. Outsource bookkeeping: ask for recommendations, shortlist and make contact to better understand how a bookkeeper can support you. Work out how many hours you spend on bookkeeping and calculate what you could be earning – a great incentive for making the decision to hire a bookkeeper.

The examples are shared to show you how easy it is to take the first step without committing to the spend. Creating forward momentum and taking you closer to making it happen.

For instance, after following the steps in the second example you will have discovered how much you actually need instead of believing you can’t afford it. Which might result in you saying ... ‘hey, I CAN afford that’ or now knowing what you need to put away each month to make it happen.

I mentioned at the beginning that I use the figure of £10,000 because it feels big enough to make a difference yet also achievable. So, what inspired action will you take today to make the investment a reality and not a dream?

Please feel free to drop me an email if you've found this blog helpful or if by following the steps shared you took the first action. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I promise to respond.