You are wasting your precious time doing SH&T that doesn’t deserve your attention and I’m giving you permission to STOP. How do I know this because I’ve been doing the same and NO more. I’m off this hamster wheel of busy and I’m here to tell you why YOU need to join me.

Your time is precious and valuableYOUR time is precious

It should be spent in the areas of the business that you love, that inspire you and drives you. Not on the mundane, the boring or that which you don’t even enjoy. You’re spreading yourself too thinly and by stopping with the SH&T that is causing the overwhelm you will be able to focus your energy and attention on the priorities.

Let me explain using social media as an example

I was on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, I have a Snap Chat account and at one point a Periscope account. I was committed to showing up, sharing content and being present everywhere. Well apart from Periscope which was a short-lived event for me and Snap Chat which I never got my head around because my friends don’t use it and neither do my clients.

Even on Facebook I'm making changes. I’m a member of a huge number of groups, groups where my potential clients do hang out but I don’t have the time to give it the energy needed to achieve results. Instead, I’ve decided to focus and support my own tribe - that of my page and in my group. I’ve decided to give them all my ‘social media’ attention, which has previously been spread across numerous channels. To the fabulous people, just like you who I’m already connected with and can reach. My mission is to support YOU one hundred per cent and to do that I need to stop doing SH&T and I’m starting NOW.

Twitter remains one of my favourite platforms for news and I still love scrolling through my newsfeed. However, I was sharing curated and created content and was giving a huge amount of my time to this platform, which in all honesty is busy and noisy. To make it work I need to make it an absolute priority and I’ve decided that my focus needs to be on Facebook, on my page and given to my fabulous group. So, Twitter I’m out ... I will still scroll, share the tweets of others but when I have a moment waiting for the kids to come out of school – it will be a time filler and nothing else.

Last year I reduced my attention on Pinterest from weekly to monthly. Yet in all honesty, I’m not showing up. I don’t have products in the truest sense of the word to sell and apart from scrolling for handbags, shoes and new hairstyles it doesn’t hold my attention. So that’s it, I’m no longer giving it my attention. It will remain on my phone because shoes and handbags are a passion but otherwise I’m done (for now).

Equally, I know that my audience is on LinkedIn but again I’m not giving it enough attention to make it work. It doesn’t inspire me, I feel disconnected from it and while I have decided on a use within the business, I will no longer schedule posts in the same way that I did previously. It’s time to stop for now while I focus my full attention on Facebook and Instagram.

To further avoid distractions and to give my time the priority it deserves, I’m unsubscribing from the mailing lists that hit my inbox and grab my attention. I do this periodically and it’s extremely empowering.

I also highly recommend creating ‘sacred time’ in the diary – days or hours that you won’t sacrifice for anything. I already have Monday’s scheduled out in the diary and plan to do the same with Friday – these are the days I will work on my business and hell if I want to close the office door and go do something with family or friends I can. Setting boundaries is easy, sticking to them is tougher – it’s a habit that I’m determined to crack.

It’s time to take back control, stop being busy and like me focus your energy where you will create the biggest shifts and results in your business.

If you’re screaming ‘but Lindsey I can’t stop with X, Y or Z because”.....

1. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

2. Be honest with yourself, if you stop doing X will the sky fall in and if the answer is no stop.

3. If stopping with Y would give you more time to focus on Z – wouldn’t that be a good thing?

4. If it’s necessary to the running of the business automate it or outsource it.

I’ve come to realise that ... it’s not the number of the actions you take but the quality – thank you Jeanna Gabellini for that lightbulb moment. I’m no longer choosing to be busy, and I’m done with overwhelm, I’m creating a new freedom for me in the business. One that means I can focus my attention on YOU, supporting and empowering you to be the best you can and to achieve your own success on YOUR terms.

Let’s do this and let’s start today. Book a Business Freedom Coaching Call, my gift to you. Where together we shall uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your business and keeping you working too many hours.

Plus, I will support you in choosing the actions you need to take over the next four to six weeks. Together developing a plan that will keep you moving forward and taking the daily activity needed to bring your success goals closer. I will give you permission to stop doing SH&T that is keeping you overwhelmed.

I will leave you with a quote by Mark Fritz who I had the pleasure of working with ...

"Maintaining a focus is more about what you stop doing than what you will do".