Work less to reduce the pressure you're putting yourself under ... a statement that might have left you rolling around the floor with laughter shouting ‘what planet are you on Lindsey!’ As an entrepreneur, freelancer, mumpreneur or business owner – no matter the title you use, working less will reduce stress and relieve the pressure YOU’RE putting yourself under.

Yes, pressure that YOU'RE putting yourself under and here is why.

Fear of failure

You work 24/7 for fear of failing, letting others down or not being able to pay the bills. But I’m here to tell you that even the most successful, turning over eight, nine and ten figure turnovers feel this pressure. Earning more doesn’t necessarily remove this emotion.

From experience, I know that working into the night and early hours of the morning doesn’t result in ‘doing or achieving more’. In fact, and definitely in my case, it creates more pressure, because making good business decisions is almost impossible when you’re tired, so you make none or the wrong ones. Anything you work on into the night has to be reviewed, checked and worked on again in the morning.

You're literally creating more work for yourself.

Fear is an emotion caused by the threat of pain, harm or danger. Being in control of your business, the destination and choosing the journey will reduce that fear.

It’s time to get serious about success, to ensure your energy is in the right areas of the business and reduce the number of hours you're working. It’s time to work smarter and not harder.

You’re the ‘boss’ and it’s tough

Meaning you’re responsible for everything in the business and are suddenly wearing many hats. You’re the CEO, Finance Director, the Marketing Manager, Head of Sales and in charge of office supplies and keeping the coffee machine on the go.

Even if like me you come from a small organisation (a team of two in my case) where you were responsible for every area of the business, it’s different when it’s your business.  Plus, starting a business is like being given a new born, every time you think ‘yep I’ve got this’ something changes, and you have to learn a new set of skills.

The pressure and responsibility of being the ‘boss’ is huge, even if you don’t have a team. And let’s be honest you most likely didn’t start your business because you’re an expert in sales, finance or marketing. Recognising your weaknesses and where you lack the skills brings with it control to do something about it.

It’s time to put the CEO hat on, take control and stop allowing the business to run you.

You don’t focus on the priorities

The areas of the business, the actions and activity that need your focus and will have the greatest impact are ignored. Because they are most likely outside of your comfort zone e.g. sales. Instead, you spend your valuable time being busy, doing the easy and quick – yet this activity will not strengthen or grow your business.

It will not put in you a place of control meaning the pressure continues to build and the fear really takes hold. I’ve been there and it’s a scary place to be. Once I realised, I was only fooling myself, I was able to do something about it, strengthen the business and move it forward.

Being busy makes you feel better and doing the things you’re good at brings confidence, but it does not move the business forward. Learning to focus on the priorities was a massive turning point in my business. And I was only able to do this when I’d finally worked out the end destination, which brings excitement and energy and clarity on what needed my focus.

Next steps for YOU

When I reviewed my writing so far it felt quite negative. You see I write from the heart and from experience and because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I have. Or waste the time that I have – I want you to create your success faster and with less of the angst that I’ve experienced.

It’s time to work smarter and not harder, to use the valuable hours you have with purpose and your time is now, Here are two things you can do and that will cost you nothing.

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