"When I’ve done this, after I’ve learnt that, I just need to change this, and I want to tweak that." STOP. If you continue in this motion of distraction and procrastination you will never be finished.

Done is better than perfectLet’s be honest many aspects of a business are work in progress – a website, your marketing. Each and every element requires constant attention and love.

With this in mind, what is stopping YOU from launching, from telling the world about your latest product or service?

If you’re hiding behind ‘it’s not ready, not right or it will be when’. You’re doing yourself a disservice and not serving the clients and customers who need your products and services and are ready to work with you.

You’re holding yourself back perhaps because of fear, maybe you're suffering from imposter syndrome and that happens to us all. Or simply a lack of confidence and yes that happens to everyone as well.

Yet without putting yourself out there, you've no chance of increasing your confidence or getting over imposter syndrome. You’re stuck, not moving forward and instead fooling yourself that you’re busy working on your business. When in fact you are ignoring the important not and focusing your energy on the priorities.

Perfect creates paralysis while getting it done creates results

Let’s use the website example again. You could be working to get it right forever while doing so your customer can’t find you. Your potential client is not able to ‘check you out’ and you are missing out on sales.

Getting it done and out there even when not perfect generates momentum and increases your confidence. Plus, in most cases nobody else will notice an error or mistake – only you will - and these can be fixed after you’ve gone live or put your offer out there. Plus, mistakes and failures are learning opportunities and so should not be feared

I’ve made many mistakes, not made sales, launched programmes and not sold and in the beginning yes it was tough to come back from these ‘failures’. Now I see them as a chance to improve, to grow personally and develop the offering and business.

Spend too long 'perfecting' it and you will stop believing in it

I was recently introduced to the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go concept by Mel Robbins. The theory behind this is ... if you don’t act upon the thought in five seconds your brain kills it. When striving for perfection you’re providing your mind time to destroy your belief, confidence and ability to act.

Again, you’re holding yourself stuck, procrastination will take over and the end or finishing will seem impossible. Leave it long enough and you won’t finish because the voice of doubt will take hold and the inner critic will raise its ugly head.

Start with the purpose of finishing and embrace imperfection

Be brave and have the courage to ‘get it done’, seek out help and support when needed to ‘make it happen’. Embrace imperfection to maintain forward momentum, get it out there to improve your offer, product or service.

Do you feel stuck in the business and unsure of the actions you need to be taking to achieve success? Book a Business Boost Coaching Call and leave the call with clarity and knowing exactly where your focus is needed and the actions to prioritise. You can access my diary here.