Last night it was my turn to put my daughter to bed, a time to chat before she snuggles down and falls asleep. To make sure I don’t fall asleep I quite often scroll through a social media feed or two. Then BOOM it hit me I was scrolling for scrolling sake, something you might be doing in your business.

Start being in the moment today

It was the tapping of my nails as I scrolled, faster and faster through the Instagram feed that created the lightbulb moment.

Firstly, I was not 'being' with my daughter, this was a chance to listen to her breathing and feel the heat from her little body. What a missed opportunity.

In a business sense there was not a hope in hell of me spotting anything of use or of interest at the speed I was scrolling. 

Which got me to thinking, how many times have you and I been ‘scrolling’ and not in the moment of our businesses? What wins have we forgotten to celebrate and what opportunities have we missed because we were too busy?

Busy, going through the motions and doing what you believe needs to be done. Busy for busy sake and not in alignment and not in the moment. You can’t develop and grow a business or personally when on the hamster wheel of activity?

I was scrolling that fast I had no chance of seeing what was in front of me.

No matter if you’re a solopreneur, work with a small team or own a company with many departments it’s time to stop scrolling and start being in the moment. That way you will not miss the opportunities that present themselves in the business or appear externally.

You will start to see what’s right in front of you and that which is already good or with a few tweaks could be amazing. Recognise that you’ve arrived where you're meant to be and can stop pushing through.

By being present you're able to see clearly where your energy needs to be in the business and where your focus is best placed. It will reduce overwhelm and stress while improving your decision making. You will begin viewing the business with a wider lens.

When in constant motion you are not able to enjoy the moment, learn from the journey or grow from the experience and this applies to you and the business. You are keeping yourself stuck and in a fixed mindset without realising it – YOU are quite literally holding your business back.

Taking up the habit of journaling was a turning point, stopping me from quite literally jumping into the day with no thought to how I’m feeling or where the business is at. It’s a chance to check in with myself and the business, creating the right mindset for the day ahead. I’ve also more recently started meditating, I’m a real beginning and can’t say yet it’s a daily practice but I can already see how it helps to still the mind.

I urge you to stop scrolling and start being in the moment to improve your focus and increase your productivity. This, in turn, will improve your decision making in the business and have a positive impact on your ‘business emotional state’.

If you're scrolling through your business and ready to stop, book a Business Boost Coaching Call and together we shall establish the hidden challenges sabotaging your success. You will leave the call, renewed, re-energised, and inspired with absolute clarity on the next steps you need to take. You can access my diary and book your call here.