A question I use in my daily journaling, a prompt to check in with myself and the business. It’s proved extremely useful since I introduced it, especially when 'something' is not working in the business and quite often because I’m simply 'not all in'.

Discover where you're not all inI recently launched a new programme, well it wasn’t exactly new. It was tried and tested last year running it twice and I have amazing testimonials for the achievement of participants. Yet it didn’t sell.

It was promoted in my group, to my list and was a fabulous follow on from the Facebook challenge I ran in January - my most successful challenge ever I might add. Yet nothing, not a single little bite. It was an epic fail, one I’ve been mulling over and journaling on.

As you can imagine it was disappointing, especially as the content has been moved from being hosted in a closed Facebook group to an all sparkly fabulous hosted membership area. I had created a gorgeous sales page, which I revamped, shortened and I thought improved. Yet nothing.

The question ‘where I’m I not all in’ has helped me see where I went wrong.

Firstly, I had created confusion on my brilliant new sales page offering a group price and one to one upgrade option. Both needing buttons for a ‘pay in full’ and payment option, yes four options on one page – very confusing.

Yes, more tweaks are needed on the sales page, more attention to the value it offers, what's included and the all important results. I am only human after all and just like you don't always get it right the first time.

Yet there was a far bigger problem and I’ve discovered where I’m not all in.

When creating programmes, the rule is sell into it before creating it. Something that has never really sat well with me, although understand the logic behind it but hate the urgency that creating on the fly brings.

So, where was I not all in and what was the bigger problem?

The programme is ready and has been created yet I hadn’t spent the time putting anything more than the welcome into the new membership area. Remember the golden rule, don’t create until you’ve sold it, don’t do more work than you need in case it’s not needed.

However, in this case, I’d tested the programme and know it works - I have the testimonials to prove it. I believe that by not uploading the modules into the membership area I had created a mindset perfect for NOT selling. Resulting in me starting to doubt the course, my work and my ability - see just like you I have the same doubts, worries and concerns. Then through journaling, I made a decision.

Having recognised I was not all in with the programme that last year I was so proud of I’ve decided to hell with the ‘golden rule’. I am going to upload every module to the membership site.

The epic fail has provided me with an opportunity. The wall is now covered with post-it notes, modules perfectly grouped and a logical order for releasing. Going back to the start means I have already created a new element that sits well next to the business audit and is all about YOU the business owner.

The programme is even better, its stronger and I can’t wait to share it with you. It now includes bonus modules and when finished could be promoted as a self-study course should I wish to – although I’m definitely not all in with those having never finished one myself.

Where are you not all in? What are you avoiding or ignoring?

If you’re struggling with an element of the business, a decision you seem unable to make, book a Business Boost Coaching Call and together let’s look at where you’re not all in and why. You can access my diary here.