I’m not ready. I’m not good enough. I don’t have enough experience yet. All leading to I can’t do this. This week I’ve been hearing from clients and those around me a theme and it all boils down to confidence. So I'm here to tell YOU that "you're ready, you're more than good enough and you do have enough experience".

You ARE Ready

If you’re consuming content, buying programmes (that you never finish) and always on the lookout for that one more thing you need to learn - you’re procrastinating.

Possibly out of fear and you’re not alone there. Or, lack of confidence and that’s understandable and common.

The trouble with being in this mode of constant learning is you’re feeding the fear and lack of confidence.

You’re holding yourself and your business back and will never be ready, good enough or experienced enough. I don’t want this for YOU.

I do understand and do get it, we’ve all been there, and I still have days of self-doubt – everyone does.

I'm not not saying you should stop learning and absolutely personal development should be a daily priority, plus, the world of and how we do business changes. Imagine before 1972 there wasn't email and before 1997 there was no such thing as social media.

What I’m saying is don’t allow learning to prevent you from doing, from putting yourself out there and making the difference you know that you can. Don’t use it as your procrastination tool or crutch for staying safe.

Okay Lindsey but what should I do?

Excellent, if you’ve got this far and asking the above question, you’re ready to start eating the elephant in the room.

The first step is to recognise how far you’ve come and the successes you’ve already achieved in the business. Find a quiet space and start writing and remember, every step is a success in its own right from starting your business, to launching your website, to securing your first client to creating your first product.

In fact, writing this blog has inspired me to add a journal prompt for Fridays. I daily write three gratitudes but that’s not the same as a win - so with immediate effect, I will be journaling my weekly wins. 

The second step is to be honest with yourself about what is preventing you from moving out of the comfort zone. Ask yourself what is the action or activity you’re avoiding and why. Then more importantly what is the first step needed to start – yes that one little step.

Fear or lack of confidence often come from over thinking and over complicating the activity. By breaking the action down into manageable chunks you will reduce the overwhelm you may be feeling, plus you are then much better placed to start eating that damn elephant one bite at a time.

Here’s an example, for some time I’d wanted to start hosting regular webinars. The tech was scaring the hell out of me, I was worried nobody would turn up and convinced myself I didn’t have the time to promote. Yet I knew it was a great way to reach out, build my audience and support business owners like you to create the shifts and changes they needed. I can quite honestly say the voices in my head stopped me doing it.

Then boom it hit me, I had a wonderful Facebook Group and right there was my audience. Which is where I now provide a weekly live Masterclass sharing my knowledge to support others and I love it. Simple and easy, no tech skills required.

Six months later and today I made a decision about webinars and yes I am going to start hosting them. It will be on a small scale but that’s exactly how to start, one small step at a time and all I need is the landing page.

You can start small and with one tiny step and I highly recommend you keep it simple.

If you’re struggling with an element of the business, making a decision or think you’re overcomplicating – book a Business Boost Call. Where together we shall get to the bottom of what’s holding you back. You will complete the call knowing exactly what the first step is and when you’re going to take it. Access my diary and book your call here.


Please Note: no elephants were harmed in the writing of this blog.