This week I got the chance to speak at a local networking event. With a remit of kicking off the year with a punch and providing a motivational talk. Prior to the event, many ideas had run through my head, in the end, I decided on the Three Secrets of Success – speaking from the heart and not a PowerPoint slide in sight.


You see I’m passionate about working with and supporting business owners to create their own success. It’s what excites me and with it this week came the realisation that the success of others is what feeds me.

This is what gets me up in the morning, is why I spend time in my Facebook group, create content and programmes and absolutely what gets me excited.

Not my business or my success but yours and with this in mind today I share with you the first secret to success.

Know where you want to be in ten years

This might feel daunting and is often a key element for achieving success that's skipped. Yet without knowing where you want to be you’ve no chance of getting there. Being consciously aware of the bigger picture enables you to make better business decisions because you’re guided by your ultimate mission or vision.

It focuses your activity. Ensuring your energy is in the right areas of the business and that you take advantage of the right opportunities that present themselves.

Until recently (perhaps like you) I found looking forward ten years tough - almost impossible. If honest I couldn’t see the point because I can't predict the future. Yet I discovered that looking ten years forwards is motivating and exciting – it's a chance to dream big.

By dreaming big and into the future 'short term planning' is easier and you will not feel the urge to cram every activity into the first few months of any year. Giving YOU a much better chance of achieving your annual goals and targets that in turn will bring you closer to your ultimate mission.

Fear of ten-year planning is not uncommon

Alluded to above, looking ten years into the future can feel futile and pointless. Equally, it might make you feel that it leaves no room for new opportunities or ideas to develop the business in a new direction (should you need or wish).

1. It’s NOT futile – it’s inspiring and magical. It’s taking a blank piece of paper and creating a utopian future. One that might feel fanciful but ‘what if’ you achieved it? Without first daring to dream it, you’ve no chance of achieving it and this is the magical part.

2. It’s NOT pointless – yes you and I have no control over what might happen in the future but ‘what if’ nothing happens that could distract or stop you? By not allowing yourself to dream it you are potentially preventing yourself from achieving more.

3. It WILL guide you to make the most of the right opportunities. Without a bigger plan, picture or mission what is presented may easily take you off track. I've been there and done that ... believe me when I say the wrong opportunity will hold you back and knock your confidence.

4. You CAN develop the business no matter what the bigger picture - it’s your business. You get to decide what happens in it and to it. The business is as flexible as you allow it to be and while the activity might change you might be surprised to discover the bigger picture won’t - just how you get there.

Without getting all ‘woo woo’ on you the universe can’t bring you the opportunities or the people to achieve your bigger goal if you don’t know what it is. You can’t take the action or steps necessary that will bring it closer if you don’t know the destination.

Take control of your business future and success by dreaming big, decide on your future NOW and start taking action today.

If you would like to explore the bigger picture, book a Business Boost Coaching Call, it’s my gift to you and you can access my diary here.