Planning is great, it gives YOU focus and direction, yet it means nothing if YOU don’t implement said plan. You must take the daily steps and actions to achieve your goals. Did you take the required steps in 2018?


There's no better time to plan for success than the beginning of a new year. When you feel excited for the twelve months ahead and have the good intention to use them wisely.

plan for success and start taking action todayYet, a quick search on the internet provides the following ‘facts’:

• 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.

• Only 8% will achieve their New year resolutions.

• You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.

• People who write down their goals have over an 80% higher success rate of achieving them.

The above tells us that we must write our goals down. I presume you already know and do this and if not ... get them out of your head and onto paper today because ...


Writing down your goals will:

Bring your vision into reality

By committing your long-term vision to paper you can plan and implement the actions needed to make the vision a reality. Left swirling in your head, the voice of doubt and inner critic will pick away at it until it’s merely a pipedream.

Act as a reminder and keep YOU focused

It’s why I believe they should be visible, displayed where you can see them every day driving your attention and energy. They are your point of reference for daily, weekly and monthly activity, keeping you on track and focusing your attention in the right areas of the business.

Allow you to filter the opportunities presented

Throughout the year opportunities will be presented, you will be inspired by events, chance meetings and the people you meet. Your goals should guide you in choosing wisely where you give your time and only to those opportunities that bring your goals closer.

Provide a means of tracking progress

You not only need to track progress but celebrate the wins. Your goals may need to be broken down into smaller ones meaning you can celebrate on a more regular basis. Even a financial target will have milestones and recognising when you hit these will help maintain momentum.

Make a commitment to yourself and to your business to achieve your goals by writing them down and display them. Then plan the daily, weekly and monthly activity needed to achieve them and START.

If planning fills you with dread or you're looking for accountability that will keep you on track and moving forward, check out the Business Success Programme and kick-start your year with clarity and purpose.