What will you choose for your business in 2019? What will you strive to achieve? What daily actions will you take to reach and attain your goals? What will success look like?

Without truly understanding what you want to achieve you have no chance of reaching the end goal. That is not to say that the journey you take has to be planned to within an inch of its life. It can be for this reason that you perhaps find planning a challenge.

You worry that your plan will not allow you to benefit from opportunities along the way. That by setting out the path in advance it will not allow flexibility in the business for new ideas and may stifle its growth.

All rubbish of course because you are in control. However, without the initial plan and setting out clear goals you will most likely drift through 2019 – doing much of the same. The opportunities that present themselves will not be in alignment with your end goals.

Therefore have the potential for taking you off track resulting in you NOT attaining your goals or hitting your targets – targets such as monthly turnover!

Without a plan, you will find yourself jumping from one idea to the next and not focusing your attention in the right areas of the business. With a vague idea of where you want to be in December 2019, you will most likely finish the year wondering what the hell you’ve been doing.

Don’t fear planning

I urge you to think of planning as dreaming of aspirations beyond your imagination. You and the business reaching for the stars. To do this you need to think beyond the next one, three or even five years. Ask yourself, what will the business look like in ten years’ time?

Then align yourself with that intention or aspiration. What would this mean to you, your family, those around you? What will it enable you to do, achieve and become? I can’t think ten years into the future Lindsey? I hear you and was just like you until I GAVE myself permission to dream.

By dreaming into the future you are able to set targets and goals that bring the ten-year ones closer - without giving them another thought. The great news is the detail, the steps and actions you WILL take are in your 90-day plan. Yes, the daily, weekly and monthly activity to move the business forward are in your quarterly plan, the one you will implement in the immediate future.

Implementation is key

You can have the greatest plan in the world but if you DON'T commit to making it happen its nothing more than a document. One that gathers dust and never again sees the light of day. It’s why I believe your ten year plan should be achieved on one side of A4 and displayed where you can see it every day and right next to your 90-day plan.

Choose success on your terms

Dream big and put yourself in control of your business and of the journey. Enjoy the twists and turns and if necessary adjust the actions and change the steps. Make your ten-year goals excite and scare you – dare to be more.

Remember it’s relative

A thought to end this my final blog of 2018. Remember what’s big and scary to you will be different from the next person. It's your business and your success – take control and don’t make comparisons.

I recently read that goals NOT shared are more likely to be achieved. I’m not sure I agree, although understand that goals are personal and putting them out there may lead to comparison. Be proud of your dreams, your goals and aspirations – they are yours. Put them out in the universe by committing them to paper and displaying them where they can be seen every day.

Believe in them and align yourself with them. As I believe this will bring the right opportunities, those that will bring your success goals closer and the right people who will join and support you on your journey.

If you need help with your planning, drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will send you the Planning for Alignment template which I use in my business.


"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination". Jimmy Dean

Dream the success and implement your plan to arrive and adjust the sails if and when needed.