Business fatigue is when YOU stop believing. When YOU struggle to get out of bed and can’t seem to focus. You are all over the place, making decisions and then changing your mind. Self-doubt is creeping in daily and you are beginning to wonder if a 9-5 job would be easier.

How are you taking care of you?

Firstly I have no idea if business fatigue is a phrase but it fits and exactly what I’m hearing and feeling from those around me. Yes, even I'm having days when my journal is full of ‘why’ questions. Perhaps it’s the time of year, perhaps it’s because 2018 has been tough for you, it has been for me. External factors equally play a part in how you feel and show up on a daily basis from family to worldwide events.


I live in Salisbury, Wiltshire which has made international news throughout the year and been associated with spies and attempted assassinations. Then there is Brexit discussions, arguments, disagreements and politicians resigning on what feels like a daily basis. If you think you’re having a bad day imagine how Theresa May (Prime Minister) feels every morning.

Your greatest business asset is YOU

There is much talk about self-care and daily journaling certainly helps keep me sane, focused and moving forward. It’s the way I acknowledge how I’m feeling, my worries and concerns and supports me in turning challenges into opportunities. While new to journaling I highly recommend it.


But back to you. As a business owner NOT every day is going to be easy, not every project go to plan or product be the roaring success you had envisaged. You will suffer setbacks and disappointments and these can impact your confidence and beliefThe good news is that each of these is a major opportunity to learn, to personally grow and a chance to develop the business. Plus, you don’t know what is around the corner, just waiting for you to turn up.


You most likely started your business with bubbling excitement mixed with a little fear and trepidation but you did it. You took the BRAVE step and launched your business and put yourself out there. Deciding you could make a difference, improve lives or like me support others in achieving their own success.


You have a responsibility to take care of you to ensure you can continue your journey and fulfil your purpose.


Make self-care a priority – I didn’t and haven’t in the past but I’m getting better at it every day. Not only through journaling but simple steps that you can also take to recognise your stress triggers. Meaning, like me, you can develop strategies for dealing with the daily grind, stress and overwhelm.

Make YOU a priority

Seek help and support and if that needs financial commitment make it work and I’m not talking about re-mortgaging your home here or going without. It’s about investing in your business and you for a greater gain, to move you forward to the abundance in the business that you aspire to achieve. It’s about believing in you and seeking out those that will encourage you on your journey.


Don’t be busy for busy sake, focus your time and attention to create ‘free-time’ that you can use to spend with family or taking care of you. 


If you're feeling fatigued and struggling with challenges and decision making in your business reach out and book a Business Breakthrough Coaching Call. It’s my gift to you because I'm here to help you create the change that puts you firmly back in control and on your business success path.