Following on from last week’s blog (QUIT Making Excuses) I wanted to reach out and tell you SUCCESS is just around the corner for YOU. This is why excuses must stop as you have no idea what is about to happen or what opportunity is about to manifest.

to achieve success, dream it, plan it and align with itWhen it didn’t work, wasn’t right or left you disappointed ... you are moving closer to the shift you are seeking. These are simply learning opportunities that will bring success closer. It's the steps you are taking to grow and develop your business and every experience necessary to achieve the success you desire and deserve.


A phrase  I use often is 'success on your terms' and I truly believe this is possible for you. Defining what success will look like is the first step to achieving it, enabling you to plan the necessary action and steps needed. I read recently that you are 60% more likely to achieve growth if you plan for it and 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you regularly write them down.

Commit to YOUR 2019 goals

If you haven’t yet started to plan for 2019, I suggest you at least begin allowing your subconscious mind to mull over the question ‘what do I choose to achieve in 2019’. From here you can plan for next year and beyond – pushing your growth beyond that of the next twelve months.

When planning the voice of self-doubt can creep in (well it does for me) and I urge you to banish that voice so you can think beyond that which you believe possible. Don't hold back and be creative in choosing what success will look for you in and out of the business (the life you choose to live).

Absolutely planning should include targets as these provide indicators for monitoring your progress. However, to achieve your goals you need to be truly connected to them and writing them down helps. Although I recommend you go beyond describing your goal in one sentence. Here’s an example of digger deeper to align yourself with your goals.

Goal: I choose to achieve £10k month every month in 2019

In the Business: This will create an income to hire a VA to provide admin support for more efficient working. Outsource Facebook advertising to increase sign-ups to my mailing list, growing it to increase sales beyond £10k per month. Funds to reinvest in the business and for a new website that will showcase the business – a shop window that I’m proud of, which in turn will increase the number of clients / customers into the business.

Resulting: in a business that will work more efficiently through the use of automation meaning time to develop the business, plus work with a larger number of clients.

In my Life: An abundance in the business will reduce stress around money, being able to spend time with the family without prioritising where and how money is spent. Dedicated time with them and holidays where I truly switch off. By spending less time in the business I can start the yoga class I’ve always wanted to join, giving priority to my wellbeing that will benefit my life and how I show up in the business.

Resulting: in a less stressed me, my children knowing they are my first priority and where opportunities are seized and a more relaxed lifestyle is achieved for us all.

Digging deeper aligns you with your goals

When aligned with your goals and with a plan to achieve them you are in control and more likely to turn the corner sooner. Start today getting connected to your goals beyond that of writing a one line statement.

If this is sounding all a little ‘woo woo’ hell just two years ago I would have agreed with you BUT no more. Setting targets, or simply stating a goal didn’t work – it’s why I now dig deeper. By working in this way the voice of doubt and inner critic is quieter and when it does grow loud I’m able to respond by waving my plan in its face and putting it back in the box.

For my business, I’ve created a simple template to start this planning process in a way that allows me to think BIG and with no boundaries. I would love to share this with you, book a Business Planning for Alignment coaching call to kick start your planning for 2019, after which I will send you the very template I use in my business.