A bit of tough love because it’s exactly what I needed to hear and I have no doubt you do to. Like me, you might be making excuses out of fear, kidding yourself you don’t have the time or not ready. All rubbish and here is why.

What are you waiting for?Firstly, it won’t ever be perfect

If you're developing a new service, offering or product get it out there, because if you don’t how will you ever know if it’s right for your customer or client, needed or wanted by them? Plus, you can improve it on the way but if you don’t launch or go live ... it will remain the best-kept secret.

Secondly, your time is precious

The more time you waste working on something, the less you have available to market or promote it and most importantly deliver. Not to mention that while the project, task or activity gets all your attention other areas of the business may suffer. The more you tinker, the more you will believe needs doing and this is NOT the truth.

And excuses are plentiful

You will find every excuse under the sun if you need to, ever heard yourself saying, “I will just complete this training, I will do that first or it’s not ready because ..?" Once you start with the excuses they will keep coming at you, along with overwhelm and self-doubt – holding you back from doing the one thing that might make the biggest difference to your business.

Where is this blog coming from you might be thinking

Everyone has days of self-doubt, me included. Moments when it feels you have bitten off more than you can chew and that time is simply not on your side. I run my business around my family and often feel that time is my enemy. Even when totally focused, stuff gets in the way and other priorities hit the desk. This is the moment when generally I start giving myself a hard time, frustrated by slow progress or this or that not working.

What’s the solution?

Stop giving yourself a hard time and stop comparing yourself to the competition. Stop scrolling through Facebook looking at the fabulous posts and copy of others. Focus on your business, remember even the smallest of steps is moving your forward and that is all you need do .. move forward.


Even the most successful experience wobbles, have programmes that don’t sell or moments of realisation when they simply got it wrong. What they do next is what differentiates them and is the secret sauce to their success. They don’t wallow in the failing but learn from it, they don’t throw their hands in the air and say ‘I can’t do this’ and definitely don’t take to social media to tell the world ‘life’s unfair’. NO, they learn from it and get over it, which might include correcting the errors or equally moving on.

Quit making excuses and do it

And here is my secret sauce ... don’t do it alone. I work with a business coach because it can be a lonely path. She provides a sounding board, keeps me accountable and gives me a kick when needed. Yesterday I had coffee with the owner of a business who has a partner, a team of forty and runs his business in two locations – even he said ‘it’s lonely’. No matter, if you have no team, a small team or one large enough to need two locations ... it’s still lonely BUT it doesn’t have to be.


YOU need someone on your side, whether this is peer support, a mentor or a coach and I'm offering you the chance to reach out and book a Business Breakthrough Coaching Call with me. Normally I give thirty minutes of my time to anyone who has a challenge they need help with but using this link you will receive a sixty minute one to one coaching session. It’s my gift to you, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, book your call here.