Are you thinking BIG enough or are you keeping you and the business safe and comfortable? What YOU dream or aspire to is what YOU will achieve. Therefore if you're not dreaming to your full potential you will not reach it.


are you thinking BIG enough

In my Facebook Group Make It Happen I regularly ask the question ‘If you were given £10,000 to spend on developing the business how would you spend it?’


Marketing always comes up, which is a blog in itself but this week far more tangible dreams appeared including dedicated workspace for two members.


My immediate reaction was to ask ‘what steps are you taking to make this happen?’ By simply incorporating the activity required to make this happen, it can be achieved. It appeared that the BIGGER dream was there but felt out of reach and not obtainable.


Not just thinking but playing BIGGER often requires no more than the first step. The smallest of actions that will begin the journey towards creating a reality. So while thinking BIG is essential, of greater importance is starting, as what feels daunting and unobtainable will remain so unless action is taken.


I use the sum of £10,000 for a reason, it’s small enough that it can be achieved. You just need to believe it’s possible, which may not be as easy as it sounds. Why?


1. There is a fear behind the dream and you’ve convinced yourself its fanciful thinking and not necessary.

2. Excuses are plentiful, especially when the activity involves money - creating a money block to your success.

3. You don’t feel worthy enough of a new office space, a new website or massage table – all rubbish.

4. It’s a timing issue and I challenge you ‘if not now, then when’. There is never a right time – so start.

Fear, money, worth and timing

Challenges and worries that every business owner has and will face. You can choose to do nothing and keep you and the business safe and comfortable, yet that isn't comfortable. As most likely you are worried about where the next customer is coming from, will there be enough money in the business to pay the bills or, or and or.


The list will go on BUT what if by investing the energy, time and money to make your dream come true you have a regular flow of customers? What if your income grows and you’re able to reduce the number of hours you work in the business? What if you get to spend more time with your family because the business works more efficiently and your initial struggles were addressed?


I recently wrote about ‘flip it’ a brilliant technique for turning worries into opportunities. If you want to achieve your BIGGER dreams now is the time to use this technique and achieve more, on your terms. To create an abundance in all that you do, to achieve your wildest dreams - BIGGER than ever first dreamed possible.

Choose to make your dream a reality

I'm excited to offer you the chance to book with me a Business Breakthrough Coaching Call. During which you will decide on the first step to make your dream a reality. You can access my diary and book your coaching call here. There is no charge, it’s my gift to you because my goal is to empower YOU to take control and achieve your BIGGER dreams.