This blog is inspired by my daughters homework. This week she has been challenged to go three days without screen time. No easy task and even harder when you leave it till Friday to get started meaning a weekend of no TV, iPad or Kindle.

Plus, we are presently living with my mum. A long story but basically we sold our house in February and although finally our perfect next home in our sights, the buying process in the UK is long. So my daughter doesn’t have her own space and the majority of her things are in storage.


If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.As you can imagine there have been moments of sheer frustration by our eight year old. Not helped by the fact it has rained all weekend, so we are pretty much stuck indoors. The challenge has had an interesting impact on the whole house, even my son joining in (at times).


It has required willpower something I have written about before and is not enough to see her through. She has needed support from us all and we have played board games, card games and made cakes. My mum even taking her out to lunch yesterday. A bonus has been the time she has spent sorting her bedroom and having a clear out. Thankfully she loves reading, drawing and word puzzles and gives the rest of us a break.


Apart from the grumpy moments and times of frustration, it has meant the family have played together. In a world of electronics something that doesn’t happen often. It’s made us a team to help her complete the challenge.

What can we learn from this experience?

1. You need support to achieve success

It’s a journey that can be tough and lonely but doesn’t have to be taken alone. In fact, you will achieve success far quicker with support, whether that be a business coach, mentor, team or buddying up. Connecting with other business owners at networking groups or at events and in Facebook groups.

2. There is always another way

It can be easy to catapult yourself head first into something without looking at the wider picture. Meaning you may not see a better solution or way of achieving your goal. While every failure is a learning opportunity, a wider perspective may save you time in the long run.

3. Create space for thinking

Often we are so busy doing that we don’t provide ourselves time to think. By which I mean to strategize, plan, reflect and learn. Time out for personal development and growth that will benefit the business. Our diaries become full of doing and not allowing creative thinking, essential for business success.

4. Ditch the electronics to improve your thinking process

“What” I hear you cry and stay with me here. Writing boosts your memory, the ability to recall and understand concepts. I journal every morning and love the physical act of writing. I recently created a mindmap to strategical plan in the business and did so with pen and paper, it was the best work I’ve ever done.

5. Do something else instead

Forcing decisions, content or working when not in alignment or simply not feeling it, takes considerable effort. If you are struggling with a project or activity try a different way or take a break. Do something completely different instead such as take a walk, you might simply need to clear your head, loosen up the muscles and realign yourself.


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