Are you a worrier? I am and it’s easy to allow these thoughts to take over - preventing you from making decisions and moving forward. From the major such as ‘will there be a BREXIT no deal’ to the smaller and in my case ‘will we be in our new home before Christmas’.

don't let worry fill your headspaceEqually, you might be worrying about paying the bills, launching a new website, needing to create a new offering or the fact your laptop has seen better days.

Big or small worries have a habit of taking over your conscious and unconscious thinking and headspace. Causing you to be anxious, stressed and overwhelmed.

I have learnt that I CAN and SHOULD only worry about this minute or hour - what I need to do and where my energy or focus is needed today.

Even better by giving my attention to that which I can control, I am in control.

Worrying is a waste of time

When you are worried you are most likely not taking action, the very action that might solve the problem you are concerned about. You are paralysed by your thoughts and not taking the steps that will prevent the scenario even occurring.

Please read this blog knowing I am not saying your worries are not real or trying to trivialise them. That would be wrong of me and not helpful. Instead, I am urging you to think about your worries in a different way.

It’s time to flip the ‘what if’

What if this goes wrong, what if that doesn’t work, what if I don’t earn enough next month? Next time the ‘what if’ thought rears its ugly head turn it around – what if it goes right, what if it does work, what if I have my best month ever.

By flipping the ‘what if’ you are immediately framing the question differently and this will allow your mind to find the solution, you to take action and perhaps the problem never to materialise. It’s less stressful this way and will enable you to work more efficiently in the business, make decisions faster and move forward. Doesn’t that sound better?

Other ways to kill worry

1. If there is something in the business that is taking time and causing your concern, reach out for help. This might be outsourcing work or simply finding someone who can help you. The point is if you need help find it.

2. I’ve mentioned this is a previous blog but making decisions faster will stop you worrying. It will reduce the mulling it over, time spent looking here, there and everywhere for a solution and stop you stressing. Remember, if you need help, advice or guidance to make the decision ... go get it.

3. Be honest with yourself, if you are worrying about something you can’t do anything about right now and with action ... stop worrying. Okay, easier said than done so trying using ‘flip it’ and then push the thought away, something you might have to do many times.

If like me you are a worrier, you may find journaling helpful and something I do daily. One of the questions I ask myself is ‘how am I feeling today?’ A chance to acknowledge my thoughts and deal with them, resulting in the right mindset for the day ahead.

Worrying has a negative impact on you, your business and everything you do. You will need to find your way for reducing your worries but I recommend you start to recognise and acknowledge what you can control and that which you can’t.