Embrace that which you fear most to achieve the biggest shifts in your business.

Perhaps you’ve been putting something off or you feel it’s too difficult. Maybe it’s something you tried and didn’t get right or felt overwhelmed by. Here's the thing, it's most likely the activity that will have the greatest impact on your business.

Embrace what you fearSince starting my business I’ve tried many ways to increase productivity. Consuming articles, videos and books, plus signing up for programmes and even working with business coaches. I’ve worked on the mind, introduced systems to streamline processes and more. Still there was something missing.

I consider myself a pretty focused person, able to gain clarity on what’s needed and implement change swiftly. All brilliant but the missing piece of the puzzle had been planning my month, week and day. Yes, I plan but not in a way that created real focus.

This was finally achieved by committing to selling (the Achilles heel of many businesses and business owners) and even more important monitoring on a daily basis. Boy does that create focus.

The smallest of changes to the way I work, the one thing I’ve been avoiding. Why? Hey, I’ve got a ton of excuses and I guess you have for the one thing you're putting off. Whatever it is, you might be telling yourself ‘but I do this already’, I will focus on that next’, ‘when I’ve done this’ - it's time to stop.

WHAT must YOU start today?

Be really honest with yourself, what are you putting off and why? Dig deep to really understand the change that needs to happen and start. Yes, sometimes it can be that simple ... to start. You might need to be brave, it might take you outside of your comfort zone but don’t put it off any longer.

WHY must YOU start today?

Your time is precious and wasting it by investigation everything and anything to find the solution this is NOT bringing your business goals closer. While research might be beneficial equally it can leave with information overload, unable to make the decision about what needs to happen to achieve the change.

WHO can help YOU start?

The amazing thing about being in business often overlooked and forgotten is you don’t have to do it alone. If you need support or guidance to make the change, go get it. If something you need to outsource reach out and ask for recommendations. Find your who to make it happen, which might come in the form of a ‘free training’ session to learn new software, a physical person to work with you, reading a book or working with a business coach. If you need a who, find them today.

START today because YOU can – no excuses!

Don’t be afraid of reaching out for support or help if this will enable you to achieve your goals quicker. Learn and be guided by others who have been there and made the mistakes you don’t have time for. Grab the opportunities presented that will move you and your business forward and do it today.

COULD I be YOUR who?

If you are struggling with a decision, looking for clarity in the business or need to find a better way. Take the opportunity to book a Business Breakthrough Coaching Call with me. Where together we can get to the bottom of what’s keeping you stuck and free you from the challenges holding you back.