Following on from my recent posts, I wanted to explain why you need a business coach. A nice follow on from Mindset, Motivation or Willpower – which is needed in business and It takes time to create a successful business. So, let's dive in and find out why.

Your time is precious

it's your time to stand outYour time is not only precious but extremely valuable therefore it should not be wasted. You are not the expert in every area of your business, nor are you expected to be. However, if you are at the beginning of your business journey or early years you are most likely the everything.

Clarity of vision is key

Without clarity of vision, you can become overwhelmed, which breeds procrastination and this results in you not taking the steps required to achieve success. You are paralysed by all that you believe needs doing and instead of spending your precious time wisely you jump from one thing to the next with no clear direction.

Decisions need to be made fast

Making a decision alone is time-consuming and uses a huge amount of energy. Going round and round in circles is exhausting and the more you look for the solution the harder it becomes. Lack of decision making or rather the time it takes can be the one thing holding your business back.

You are not alone in needing verification

When employed you may have received a bonus in recognition of good work, a thank you or a simple well done. You knew you were on the right track or had smashed it because someone most likely told you or the company achieved results. As the boss the bucks stops with you and there’s no one to verify your work or results.

So why work with a business coach?

A good business coach will share the good, the bad and the ugly. The ups and downs of their journey to stop you making the same mistakes. They will not tell you how to run your business instead provide support and guidance to ensure you:

• Don’t waste your precious time, ensuring it’s focused in the right places.

• Have clarity on direction and purpose in and for the business.

• Make decisions faster to move you and the business forward faster.

• They are on your side and will tell you when you’re on the right track.

Plus they provide accountability and support that no partner, loved one or family member can. Will offer critique when needed and give you access to every skill and technique in their own toolbox. They do this because they will have chosen to work with you, have total belief in your capabilities and want you to succeed.

Working with the right business coach will fast track your success and will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

How will I know which coach to work with Lindsey?

It’s just taken me nearly ten months to find my next coach. I chose her out of five or six, all of whom, I’ve been following, receiving their emails and regularly turning up in their Facebook groups. I was then offered the chance of a strategy call and boom I knew she was the one. I was ready to invest and now have someone on my side and in my corner. It can take time but there will be a connection on both sides.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, looking for accountability, need to develop your skills and ready to take your business success to the next level. Don’t waste precious time doing it alone, googling the solution or asking your family and friends how you’re doing, find the right business coach for you.

Why not book a Business Breakthrough call with me and let’s see if we’re a good fit.