This post has been inspired by a recent conversation in a Facebook group. The question was motivation or willpower to which I answered not willpower but mindset and here is why.

First, let’s look at the definition for each

1. Motivation ‘a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a certain way’

Brilliant as we all need reasons to take action. I would add that simply wanting something is not enough to motivate, you must choose to do something.

2. Willpower ‘control exerted to do something’

The key for me here is the word control, can you consistently control a behaviour to achieve the end goal. Control takes a huge amount of energy to maintain, an energy that in my opinion could be better used in other ways.

3. Mindset ‘the established set of attitudes held by someone’

I love this definition because of the word established, mindset doesn’t happen or change overnight. It takes daily practice and the benefits are exponential compared to willpower which is time and energy consuming.


Which is needed for success in business and life?mindset, motivation or willpower

A great question and for me every time its motivation and mindset. Motivation is essential, the reasons you are doing what you do and the difference you can make in the lives or businesses of others. Your personal why for doing what you love that enables you to live a life worth living.

In relation to mindset, I want to go a step further and say its growth mindset that is needed, as opposed to fixed. The belief that you are in control of your ability, can embrace learning and seek improvement in all that you do.


Here's how I know you need more than willpower?

In 2013 I gave up drinking and boy did I have the motivation - hard hitting reasons that I needed to quit. Yes, willpower helped me quit but it was exhausting and in hindsight, I’m fortunate that I’m an all or nothing kind of gal.

However, it's mindset that has kept me sober because it’s a journey of discovery and one of enlightenment. No, I didn’t run off to rehab or start meditating I just began seeing life differently and seeing opportunities that with a glass of wine in my hand I would have missed.

I have never fallen off the wagon. Unless you count the time I took a large gulp of my soft drink at a wedding, only to realise it wasn't my soft drink. Hysterical watching my drunken friends try to find an empty glass so I could spit it out. Funny looking back but perhaps not at the time.

There is alcohol in the house and I still party with my drinking friends. In the early years, there were moments when I ‘wanted’ a drink, these would pass. Now there are days when I think how lovely it would be to enjoy a beer in the sunshine or a glass of prosecco at celebrations but I don’t because that’s no longer me.

Being sober has not defined me, it has made me a stronger and a better person who has far more to give.


Willpower might get you there but at what cost?

Choose a better way, ditch willpower for a growth mindset with the motivation that goes beyond wanting. Create sustainable business success with a journey of discovery and learning, be more than you could possibly dream with a growth mindset.

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