Today while on LinkedIn I came across a share by Keith Hanson owner of local recruitment agency Personnel Placements. According to the article he shared, it takes UK businesses on average more than five months to train a new employee.

success_is_achievable_for_allFive months of investment, including training and commitment by an organisation to get them up to speed and working efficiently. An employee that is most likely responsible in and for one small area of the business

Why is it then that you/we expect a business to achieve overnight success?

In reality, you know it takes time, planning and hard work. However, you may experience frustration along the way, setbacks and challenging if not difficult times. You can be distracted by promises of blueprints to improve your sales processes, marketing systems that rocket your sales or swipe files that ensure email open rates beyond your wildest dreams.

There are no quick wins or easy paths and where would be the satisfaction or joy in that in any case?

I do believe however that success is achievable for all with clarity, focus and belief. A journey that should be of enjoyment, one where you ride the waves of ups and downs with a mindset that you can make this happen.

Stop comparing yourself to the competition and remember that every:

1. Step you take is progress and no matter how small or large it should be celebrated at that moment.

2. Action brings you closer to your goal. It is the strengthening of your business foundations that will ensure your business is around for many years to come.

3. Setback or failure is a learning opportunity that you should embrace. How you deal with these occurrences is how you develop as an entrepreneur.

4. Change you make is a sign of strength, showing that you are willing to learn and be more.

5. Decision is you taking control, moving yourself and the business nearer to your end success goals.

6. Hour allocated to developing you is well spent and ‘learning’ should take priority.

Business success does not happen overnight (for most)

The key is to plan while allowing flexibility for change when needed and staying true to your ultimate why. To stop looking for the quick fix, the easy way or blueprint for success and focus on your way.

Develop your mindset as it’s this that what will keep you moving forward and working through the tough days. Enabling you to learn from every experience and opportunity presented to you and your business - allowing you to enjoy the journey.

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