Over the past twelve months, I’ve paid particular interest to my own thoughts and feelings and I’m here to tell you mindset is everything. It could be the one thing preventing you from achieving the success you desire and deserve.

create the right mindset for successWithout getting all 'woo-woo' and starting to talk about vibrations ...  simply put HOW you think about your business is essential to your success. I’m not an expert in this field but want to share with you my thoughts on the topic because it's important.

You will have good and bad days, those when you wonder what the hell you're doing trying to make a living out of your business. That’s normal and to be expected, we all feel like that at some stage and on and off during our business journey.

The key is to recognise those negative thoughts and deal with them and here’s why.

Negativity breeds negativity

The sooner you can recognise they are just feelings and not reality the better. You can’t market, promote or sell in your business when you’re in this mindset. You will be sending out the wrong vibes in all that you do including everything you write. You will be holding back and forcing the words you type and speak and I know this from experience.

Fear breeds inactivity

Fear is a crippling emotion and when fearful you will find just about anything else to do but that which will move your business forward. Preventing you from putting yourself out there, marketing your services or products or taking the next step.

How to create the right mindset for success

1. Start believing. That it’s possible and achievable for you. If you are passionate about what you do and believe in your offering then so will others. Do not allow doubt or fear to hold you back and learn to bat away the negative thoughts and feelings.


2. Learn the art of daily gratitude. Being grateful for that which you’ve already achieved - no matter how small. Learn to accept how far you've already come and that the journey ahead is going to be amazing.


3. Start to visualise the future. This can be a tough one, especially if like me you find it challenging to physically visualise .. well if I’m honest anything. Start by clarifying what your business success will look like in words or pictures or both. Make this a daily practice along with gratitude.


4. Surround yourself with positive people. Sadly this is not always your nearest and dearest so seek out others that inspire and motivate you. Those that are ready and able to join you in celebrating the wins and pick you up if needed. Your ‘go to’ community and network and this might include a business coach.


5. Have courage and be brave. You have already made the biggest and most courageous step by starting your business. Keep that in mind and be brave in all that you do, pushing yourself outside of the comfort zone.


6. Enjoy the journey. See disappointments as learning opportunities and not as setbacks or failure. Recognise every forward, backward or sideways step as being part of the journey and all with a purpose.


Mindset is everything and features heavily in the Business Success Programme. It’s why the programme includes one to one coaching so I can work with you on an individual basis supporting you on your personal success journey.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney