You’re here, you’re there, you’re everywhere. You’re excited by all that shines, is new and looks like the next best thing in marketing. You’re working every hour and into the night. If this sounds like you, it’s time to slow down.

slow down to speed upA phrase I use often is 'your business, your journey' and today I add to this .. 'so enjoy it'. If you are flitting from one job to another, one activity to the next with no clear direction (or worse no purpose) you are heading for burn out.

You can’t do everything and don’t need to

Your energy and focus are only needed in the right areas of the business, those that have the biggest impact. These are not always the areas you are in the expert in or enjoy BUT if you’re serious about success, development and growth then it’s time to slow down.

If you are going through the motions to achieve your goals and working from a plan that does not excite you ... success will always feel just out of reach.

It doesn’t have to be like this and shouldn’t be like this

Now is the time to realign yourself with your business and life goals. To prioritise the important and stop doing anything which does is not move you closer to your success goals. Here are some tips on how.

1. Decide on what success looks like for you and in business and the impact you want this to have on your life.

2. Get clear on where your energy needs to be and the action and activity you need to take.

3. Start valuing your time and expertise by learning to say YES to only those clients, projects and work that will support you in achieving your business goals.

4. Make decisions faster to clear space for creative thinking that benefits your ultimate success vision.

Take control of your business and your success and don’t let the business run you. Slow down by doing only that which has a positive impact and stay on track by avoiding the distractions. Action is required every day but working into the night and every hour is not the answer.

Busy does not equal productivity and may leave you dissatisfied with progress. Questioning why you even started the business, especially if you’re not achieving the aspirations you had originally dreamed.

Take action today, stop being busy for busy sake and focus your attention on the business where it’s needed. Slow down and work less to enjoy the journey and you might be pleasantly surprised by the result.


Start by downloading the Business Audit for Focused Action that will support you in deciding where action is needed in YOUR business.