Something I’ve come to realise is that I create my own stress. I get excited by new ideas, systems I want to implement and ‘stuff’ I want to get done in the business. Which puts ME under pressure to achieve. If this sounds like you then read on.

Your first aid kit for reducing stressI also see this in my clients, who are quite literally trying to do too much. Often resulting in not creating the space needed to make good business decisions. This then leaves them stressed and overwhelmed, which means they are not focusing their attention in the right areas of the business.

What is too much?

When you are in flow with your business, your intentions and goals, the day will fly and you will switch off with a real sense of satisfaction. When you are attempting ‘too much’ your day will fly WITHOUT achieving anything at all. You are left wondering what the hell you’ve been doing all day.

Imagine planning all that you want to achieve in 2019 and then scheduling the work in the first week of January. Sounds crazy doesn’t it, so why do this to yourself at any time of the year, month or even week?

What can you do?

Being clear on where you want the business to be in twelve months is a great place to start. Kowing what success will look and feel like for YOU. From here you can work backwards and detail what action needs to take place (and when) to achieve that success.

Let’s presume you’ve done this and yes even with such clarity you can still create stress for yourself. Planning is a wonderful thing, implementation is where the magic happens. The trouble when working for yourself is you can move the deadlines and change the milestones. Think back to that plan I mentioned above and cramming the activity into July, well imagine the reverse doing nothing and then trying to complete everything in December – madness.

What can you do today?

There is no better time than now to stop the stress. Take a moment to look at your schedule for today and then into the coming week, what are you planning to achieve? Check your appointments and commitments both in and out of the business and ask yourself ‘is this achievable’? Be honest and if you're in any doubt, what are the most important tasks that need your attention.

Once you’ve decided on those tasks or actions that must be tackled, ask yourself why.

• Do they have a deadline?

• Will they benefit your business and how?

• Would completing the task result in money in the bank?

If you list remains long and overwhelming imagine in five days you are off on holiday with no internet connection. Now look again, what needs doing in the next five days?

Creating space has a far greater benefit to your business than working every hour. Be kind to yourself, re-prioritize and remove anything that does not have a direct benefit on the business. It’s time to stop panicking, get focused and put yourself back in control of your business.

First Aid Kit to Reduce Stress

1. Slow down to speed up. Trying to achieve everything at full speed is not good for you or your business.

2. Learn to say no. I say this often and is key in your personal and business life. Stop overcommitting yourself.

3. Lean to and start asking for help. Asking for help is a sign of strength and not a sign of weakness.

4. Allow others to help. Women are particularly poor at this, asking for help and then doing it anyway.

5. Work within your diary constraints. Always schedule work with your diary open.

6. Give yourself a break. Again it’s women who are great at this, stop giving yourself a hard time.

7. Work at your optimal time. Find it and maximise your activity during these times.

8. Top up those energy levels daily. Recognise where you get your energy from and commit to doing just that.

9. Take time out of the business. Essential to see the woods for the trees and decision making.

Don’t let the business run you and if you’re off on holiday in the coming weeks, you might find Prepare for YOUR Holiday for Maximum Benefit a useful read.