A football fan or not, with the World Cup in its second week hard to get away from it. However, there is much we can learn from the England team, a young, hungry team .. at last, I hear you cry (well you would if you’ve watched previous tournaments).

They are hungrysuccess ahead

Certainly, they are from where I’m sitting. We finally have a team that wants to win, they are young, hungry and wear their shirts with pride. That is exactly how you should feel about your business, well in my case less of the young. You should feel pride in all you do, from giving out your business card to talking with potential clients.

With clear direction and focus, you should feel alignment in the business which creates confidence. Most importantly you should want success, to win!

Your mindset is everything. It starts from the minute you sit at your desk. Not only in the clarity of direction but in the tasks at hand.

They have set pieces

These are the pre-planned positions (plays from a corner or free kick for example), which will have been practised. Similar to the systems and processes you have in your business, that you’ve developed.

Creating systems not only puts you in control of your business but prevents overwhelm and reduces stress. The amazing thing about being your own boss is you can tweak or change these without referring to anyone else. Systems keep the business fluid and admin to a minimum.

It's well worth creating a manual of your processes and systems for when you bring in help or start using a virtual assistant.

They are supported

Behind the scenes, there is an army of support from manager to physios, each and every one playing a vital part in the journey. You also need a team, which might include a bookkeeper or accountant.

Those that you can call upon when you need guidance, help and support. As mentioned above this might be in return for payment but also includes your networking groups, business friends and of course family.

Make a list of the support you have in place and fill the gaps you spot. Include your go to people for bad days, scary days and I want to celebrate days.

Their health is a top priority

That’s obvious, you might be saying it’s what they do for a living and I agree. However, included because I want to remind you that as a business owner your health and wellbeing should also be a top priority.

If you're self-employed you do not have the luxury of sick pay and as a business owner already know the challenges you face in the lead up to and following a holiday. You can’t afford not to take care of you because there is only one of you.

Be honest how many hours are you working, do you manage days off when you don’t even check email? If the answer is no you need to address this now.

Finally, they will learn from their mistakes

Presuming here you know nothing about the team or football, let me explain. This year we have sent to Russia a young team, some might say inexperienced but I believe this is why they will be more open to learning from their failings (as opposed to blaming everyone, anyone and their hairdresser).

A failing in business is nothing more than a learning opportunity, a minor setback and chance to regroup. Often even greater success comes from a failing so don’t fear but embrace them.

By fearing mistakes and failings you will remain in your comfort zone. Yes, it’s a safe place to be but success is found outside of it, so go get it.

In conclusion ...

Get your systems and processes (your set pieces) in place and working for your business. In a way that they will enable you to attain success. Create a support team that is there for you, paid or unpaid, your fall back people ready to lend a hand. Start looking after you, make your health and well-being priority above all else and you might be surprised by the immediate difference it makes.

Push yourself out of the comfort zone, start making mistakes and be hungry for YOUR success.