Blog or news articles on your website are an excellent means of showing up as the expert, sharing your knowledge and becoming a thought leader. The trick (or the difficulty) is coming up with regular content. Here are my top tips.

What is your writing style?

blogging with confidence

There is no wrong or right way to write a blog, you simply need to find your way.  By this, I mean how you write needs to be authentic and true to you. This is the only way you can be consistent.


Personally, I write from the heart and often include details of my personal life and family members might even get a mention. You should only do this if you are comfortable with sharing in this way, it's certinaly not mandatory.

How often should I publish?

The key is consistency, so decide in advance what you can reasonably commit to. I aim to blog weekly, although I do take holiday (literally) and don’t give myself a hard time if I miss a week. Decide in advance what is achievable for you e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly and then stick to it.

How long should my blog be?

Yoast (the creators of the brilliant WordPress plugin) say a post should be at least 300 words to rank well in search engines. This is a good length and easily achievable, in fact, I’m just over halfway there with this very blog. You can find out more about blog length and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from Yoast themselves in this brilliant article.

What should I write about?

This is the tough part and where you may get stuck although the opportunities are endless. But, first thing first. You must keep your audience in mind at all times, answering questions they might have or addressing they challenges they might be facing. Especially if your aim is to show up as the expert and the solution to your potential clients need.


(By the way, this blog has just tipped 300 words.)

Why should I blog?

Lots of reasons, showing up as the expert or authority in your field being one and already mentioned. The benefit to your website from an SEO viewpoint also touched upon. The third and equally important is it provides you with content for sharing on social media which in turn drives traffic to your website. A top reason in my book. It can also open opportunities to you, perhaps an invitation to collaborate or speak at an event.

Should include a call to action?

Yes, yes and yes. Especially if your blog (like mine) doesn’t allow comments. If your blog does allow comments turn the feature on and always response but if not here are some ideas. A call to action could be to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter or join your Facebook group (if you have one). Perhaps you have a download you can include a link to or simply encourage them to get in touch by adding your contact details.

Still not sure what to blog about?

Creating content can be challenging even when you're clear on who your audience is. I get that and totally understand and staring at a blank screen and faced with a flashing cursor will most definitely cause writing paralysis. I highly recommend you plan your blog content in advance, being aware of annual key events e.g. Christmas but also for your industry. Material can then be created around these themes or topics. Check out national and health awareness days, research local events and activity ... keep a note of anything and anything that might inspire content.

Finally, blog writing doesn’t need to be boring

While blogging can be a way to promote your services or products, you need to mix it up and this can easily be done. Here are some ideas for you:

1. Write about an event you attended.
2. Share elements of a presentation you gave, sharing key points and takeaways.
3. Review a book you’ve read and why you are recommending it.
4. Tell your audience about an app you’ve discovered and why they should download.
5. Create a slideshow or infographic on a topic of interest.
6. Lists are great, think top five, seven or nine, actions your audience can take.
7. Why you love, why you hate or why you should try X.
8. Go behind the scenes of your business, introduce a team member or celebrate a milestone.

Be creative, have some fun and share your business personality.

Now before you go ... why not join the Make It Happen Facebook Group, the place where business owners connect, engage and grow. Yep, that was my call to action.