Today I was with my daughter at her gymnastics class and the impact of words was obvious to me. How you talk about you and your business will have an impact on your business and here is why.


Your words impact your successI have noticed the young girl in question many times and taken note of the way she acts and speaks. Today the class was smaller and perhaps she was, more obvious to me. I would say she is a good gymnast (although what do I know) and seen her tumble and vault many times. However, today her voice was clear – although more importantly the words she used.

‘I’m going to pull a muscle.’

‘I always pull a muscle.’

‘I’ve tried this before and always hurt my thigh.’

‘Why do I always pull a muscle?’


It went on and on and on. Previously I have simply seen her as someone who likes to moan. Today I realised, she is sabotaging her own success, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and sure enough, she pulled a muscle.


The words she used were her downfall, her out for performing badly. She was saying the excuses before trying. Her mindset was all wrong.

Set the stage for success

Until recently I had been reciting a daily mantra, I’ve got out of the habit but one I must reinstate.

The words I used were ... 2018 is going to be the best year yet, providing financial freedom for my business, my family and me.

What words are you using?

When asked ‘how are things’ listen to your response, what words are using to describe your business or personal life. What is running through your head when stressed, take a moment to hear them and if negative bat them away. If necessary turn them into a positive.

Remember even a failing is a learning opportunity

Life and business can’t go right all of the time, there will always be challenges. Keeping in mind these are learning opportunities will help to reduce the stress you feel about the issue or event. By applying a less stressed approach you can begin to work towards a better place, a successful place.


When you're stressed it’s easy to blow things out of proportion. Allowing panic to set in and this then reverberates in everything you do. Suddenly everything you touch seems to go wrong, doesn’t work or create the results you had hoped.

Come at it from a different angle

Hey I’m not saying this is easy and still something I am working on but ‘nipping it in the bud’ early will create a better environment for your success.


Okay Lindsey how?

1. Create a support network, people you can reach out to for perspective.

2. Look for the positive (at least three) in any situation where you can feel the stress building.

3. Don’t be a solopreneur ... by which I mean you don’t have to do this alone. Find a coach or mentor that can share with you their experience and knowledge.

4. Make time for self-awareness and development. Okay this may be a bit woo woo for you and was for me. However, I’ve created the biggest shifts in my business because I spend time focusing on me.

5. When stressed we become overwhelmed and as I’m always saying overwhelm is the best friend of procrastination. Further having a negative impact on you, your productivity, your creativity and therefore your business success.

Success is achievable for all with clarity, focus and belief

Over the next few days take notice of the words you are using and hearing in your head. Bat them away and choose a different way


If you're feeling overwhelmed in your business download the Business Audit for Focused Action workbook, it's my gift to you.