How do YOU prepare for YOUR holiday for maximum benefit to YOU. You need a holiday and you must take holiday to remain energised in the business. As an entrepreneur preparing for a break can leave you exhausted, anxious and unsure if booking a holiday was even the right decision.

Firstly, you made the right decision

How to prepare for YOUR holiday for maximum benefit to YOUIn the first few years of being in business I took nothing more than long weekends and these quite frankly didn’t do the job. It didn’t provide me with the rest I needed and since I was always in the UK quite often I worked.


When I took my first week’s holiday, yes a full week, I worked every night for one particular client. Boundaries come to mind here. Then last year we got on a plane and I couldn’t take my laptop with me, I got to truly relax. Guess what? I loved every minute of just being with my family.


Before taking a holiday, just like me, you will most likely cram into the week before every task, action and activity that’s needed. It’s not healthy and not recommended hence my blog today.

Here are my top tips for taking a holiday without the stress, well hopefully less stress


1. Add a note to your email signature a few weeks before your departure. Sharing your holiday dates and letting everyone know in advance you will be out of the office.


2. Do not schedule meetings in the week before you go. This will keep your days clear for clearing the decks and completing those IMPORTANT tasks that must have your attention.


3. Five days before you put the closed sign up spend time dumping everything that needs doing into a list, keeping business and personal separate.

• Then take a pen and put a line through anything that can be left for when you get back. Put it on a new list if that makes you feel better.

• Highlight all jobs that can be delegated. You don’t have to do everything and this might be the time to ask for a little help or support.

• Schedule the tasks across the week, depending on deadlines and urgency. If you try to attack everything in one go and on day one, you will become overwhelmed. And remember overwhelm is a friend of procrastination.

• Give priority to the jobs on your list, using ABC, 123 or whatever works for you and give attention to the most important first.


4. Let your clients know in advance that you're going away and will not be working. Set the boundaries in advance, to reduce the number of calls and emails seeking your help in the lead up to your holiday.


5. Say NO. Seriously don’t take on anything new or that must be completed before you go. Value yourself and your client's will to.


6. Put your out of office on, change your out-going messages on phone and mobile and GO.


Recognising the importance of a holiday I'm off to the beautiful island of Gozo, Malta. Did I use the techniques mentioned above? Some but probably not in the way I should have. I'm therefore sharing them with you and going to create my very own blueprint for every holiday.

Right, now where are those suitcases I need to pack.