This blog is inspired by a Kindness Rock that was given to me by my daughter. The Kindness Rock project is simple, it encourages people to create inspirational rocks and leave them for others to find. I love the simplicity of this and the ripple effect that occurs from it.

The benefits of ‘kindness’ in business
The rock I received was given to my daughter by a friend in the street we live in and she gave it to me. The passing on of kindness feels wholesome and pure but how can this be translated into business terms.

Lead magnets and freebies

You’ve most likely downloaded many and even created some yourself. They are tools used in marketing to draw you into an email sequence that allows the sender to nurture a relationship with you. In theory they are quick wins for both sides, the sender gets your email address and you receive a valuable download or video.


The Kindness Rock got me thinking, how many lead magnet’s or freebies are created simply for marketing purposes. Surely the greater gift would be to give for giving sake.


Of course, you need to make sales, we all do. I'm a huge fan of the lead magnet and the opportunity it provides to develop a relationship with the recipient. The skill I believe is to ensure that when using this method you are not simply selling. My latest ‘freebie’ is supported by a sequence of ten emails, not selling until the ninth and then it’s low level. I'm honest in those final emails, explaining that I'm not offering a high end programme at this point because it doens't feel right - our relationship is not at that stage.


I also offer a Business Breakthrough Coaching Call, I have not made a single sale from one. Why? I promote it as my gift, although I may start referring to it as my ‘kindness rock’ and it’s not a direct sales technique. In return, I do receive at some point and in some way, perhaps a testimonial, recommendation or in the future they may become a client. I don't offer the call to receive but simply to give.

What are the benefits of ‘kindness’ in business?

• First and foremost (for me anyway) it’s good for the soul.

• Return is organic and achieved with integrity.

• You show up as the expert in your field as a person who cares.

• It puts your potential client at the centre of all you do.


Next time you create a freebie or lead magnet think of the Kindness Rock and put your potential clients needs before your own.