Being a new mum at the school gate is daunting. You have no idea where to stand or who to talk to. You listen to conversations and worry your child isn’t doing that or think smugly ‘mine can do that’. You feel completely out on a limb and out of your comfort zone.

Being a business owner is like being a new mum at the school gate

As a start-up or owner of a fledgeling business, you might feel the same. Unsure where to find clients, how to promote your business and what to say at networking events. It’s all new and listening to others either in person or online can leave you feeling inadequate or yes ... smug.

Let’s deal with smug

I can tell you from experience as a mum at the school gate, while my child might be good at one thing, they won’t be good at everything. I learnt quickly never to feel smug, especially since that feeling can be wiped away in the next conversation.


Always be gracious in your abilities and skill that others might not possess. This is your chance to share your knowledge and expertise and be part of a success story other than your own. Not only is this rewarding but you will benefit in the future, remembered as the person that is willing to help.


Back to the mums in the playground

Every one of them has demons and all worrying about saying and doing the right or wrong thing. There are those that are fully made-up, always on time and never a hair out of place. Ones that rock up with minutes to spare, asking if anyone has spare change for tuck money. The natural mums, the completely overwhelmed mums and I haven’t got a clue what’s going on mums.


It’s the same in business, many different types but ultimately all with the same worries, concerns and insecurities. Even the most successful business person will tell you they still have moments of self-doubt and worry and if they don’t, they are not being genuine.

So, who do you stand with?

It takes time to build relationships at the school gate, you are not going to like everyone or be friends with all mums. You will find connections with some that surprise you and others will feel like long lost friends instantly. Connections build for different reasons, class, out of school activities and your childs friendship groups.


Yep, you see where I’m going with this, it’s the same in business. You will connect and find mutually beneficial relationships. Others will be supportive and on occasion some toxic and unhelpful. You will begin to attract your potential clients because of the way you present yourself and how you promote your business. You won’t always get it right and your needs will change as your business develops and grows. But it will happen.


Underneath we are all the same

Whether a mum at the school gate or the owner of a small or large business. Everyone has the same worries, challenges and concerns BUT deals with them differently. It’s what makes us unique and why you won’t connect with everyone.

Three tips for being business confident

1. Never compare yourself to anyone else.
2. Do not fake it till you make it or impersonate others - you don't need to.

3. Genuinely celebrate the success of your competitors.


Remember, you are ready, good enough and worthy of your place at the school gate and in the business world.

In case you’re interested

I am a combination of school mums at the gate, sometimes I am rocking it, although rarely with make up and sometimes I haven't a clue what’s going on. I get my kids to school on time but the end of day it's a different story and quite often I'm running to the gate while talking on the phone .. but I get there. I have made good friends, I circle other groups with caution and on occassion I am quite outspoken .. who would have thought. My mum is the seamstress and gets any job involving costumes. I buy bought cakes for the cake sale and end of term parties.


I'm just an average mum doing her best.