How to seize the opportunities that present themselves. Recently my inbox has been full of those capitalising on the opportunities that have been presented. Mainly it must be said because of GDPR, which If you’ve never heard of is the General Data Protection Regulations.

stand out from the crowd


I myself did this, offering a MailChimp Masterclass to assist local business owners with the issue of reconsent.

To be honest it was easier to create a three-hour training session that answered the questions I was being asked daily. A session that was informative, practical and 
built confidence in using the email marketing platform by those attending. I seized the opportunity.


You can also capitalise on opportunities, here are three tips to help you.


1. Keep your finger on the pulse

That is the pulse of your industry sector, your competitors and all areas of business that are of interest to your present and potential client. Enabling you to show up as the expert as you are, sharing industry knowledge and presenting solutions to the issues, challenges and problems of said client (which aren't always your own).


2. Be pro-active and not reactive

Keeping up to date and listening (you may have read a previous blog I wrote on this very topic) will mean you can be pro-active in seizing the opportunity. As opposed to jumping on the bandwagon after the horse has bolted. Be a leader and act now before someone else does. Yep, I’ve also written on a blog on simply getting started, which you can read here.


3. Don’t fear putting yourself out there

Finding a solution that enables you to seize an opportunity doesn’t have to be complicated in fact, I recommend it isn’t. Perhaps you can offer a webinar, provide content on your blog or simply cover the topic for a week on social media. You may have a programme or product that is perfect and circumstances presented provide you the ideal time to promote it, or you may decide to create something new.


I was once asked how I come up with regular blog content, the answer was and still is I listen. Plus, I subscribe to receive content from others, use Google Alerts, am a member of Facebook groups and attend networking groups. Keeping your finger on the pulse is easier than you think and being pro-active can be as simple as you want it to be.


The key is staying true to your business goals and stay within the parameters of your business vision. Your activity must bring you closer to those end goals and ultimately have a positive impact on your bottom line. And finally, MUST have your end user, ideal client or customer in mind ... remember it’s about them and not YOU.