This week I was presenting at the FSB Digital Bootcamp event in Yeovil. Speaking, connecting and meeting people is what fires me up and energizes me, I love it. I came home completely energised.

where is your energy coming from?Of course, this didn’t last, I had to rush back to pick the kids up for school, homework, tea, bathtime and then catch up on my emails and work. You know the score; the list is endless and before you know it you are working late into the night.


I am hearing "I have too much on my plate" and "I don't have time" every where. It’s why I recently wrote LinkedIn articles titled Learn to say no and Procrastination, a friend of overwhelm.


So far this year my content has included a consistent message to "stay focused'. To spend your time and energy where it's most needed in the business. Because you can’t do everything, you can’t be everywhere and you certainly can’t keep going at this pace.


How do I know this?

Because I have been there and at times still find myself there. It's why I'm continually learning and developing techniques and strategies to be the best I can be WITHOUT burning out.


You can’t be the best at what you do when you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and time short. The great news is you don't have to BUT only you can make the changes needed. Below are a few tips to get you started.


1. Get more sleep

Switch off earlier and enjoy a good night’s rest. Honestly, a good night’s sleep will result in greater energy, improved focused and therefore productivity.


If like a client I spoke with recently, you wake up with your head whirring, keep a pen and notepad by the bed, empty your head of all that is running around and deal with it in the morning. Or better still, read tip two below.

2. Reflect on your day and plan for tomorrow
At the end of each day, reflect on it. This is something I've started to do, writing in my journal a few lines about the day. Then take ten minutes to plan for tomorrow.


There is much we have no control over that can throw our schedule or ‘to-do’ list out the window. It’s why it’s important to plan, there are only so many hours in the day so plan your week on a Friday, Sunday evening or Monday morning. The evening reflection and then planning for the next day will keep you on track and moving forward.

3. Start to say no
This is uncomfortable at first, especially when saying no to a present or potential client. However, you need to create space for creativity, developing your business and your present workload. Not to mention for sanity sake.


Am I sure you would rather do your very best for a client than run yourself ragged and potentially do a less than brilliant job? Offer them a realistic timeframe in the future or refer them to someone your respect.

4. To be the best you can be, be kind to you

If you are trying to do too much you run the risk of missing out on working with your ideal client. You are not allowing creativity to flow which can result in holding your business back from being all it can be.


You are potentially heading for burnout and falling out of love with your business, not to mention the negative impact this will have on your life outside of the business. Take time out for you.


If you are struggling with focus, overwhelm or procrastination, please book a Business Breakthrough Coaching Call and together let’s get you focused, energised and excited again. The call is with my compliments, all you need do is book.