How many Facebook challenges, or digital programmes have you signed up for and not followed through? How many self-help and development books sit on your bookshelf waiting for your attention?


Add to this courses, challenges and Facebook groups you’ve joined for support and you have complete overwhelm. Conflicting views, advice and more ideas for your business than you can possibly achieve in a year.


It becomes paralysing and results in feeling like a headless chicken jumping from one area of the business to the next. I know, it happens to me every time I stop working with a business coach. What I’ve come to realise is I simply need to commit.


It’s that simple with or without a business coach. I can’t participate in more than one Facebook challenge at a time, especially if I want to achieve change.  If I start reading a book I need to finish it, digest and implement my learning. You get the idea.


Shift happens with a commitment

The greatest shifts in your business will happen when you recognise where change is needed and then commit your focus and attention in that area. That one area. When your mind is full of ideas, thoughts, advice and guidance there is no room for decision making, doing well what needs doing and most importantly strengthening your business.

When you are here, there and everywhere you really are nowhere. I know from experience how this feels and the only word that comes to mind is commitment. You need to commit to change, development and growth, whatever is needed. You need to avoid distractions and signing up for another new programme or buying another book until you have completed what you've already committed to.


A bonus tip for you
Don't sign up for 'stuff' that is not necessary, not needed or you know in your heart will never get done. For example, why start learning about Facebook groups if you haven't got one, not ready to start one or presently something on your wish list?


Don’t let procrastination steal your focus
Commit to what needs to be done, choose wisely by asking yourself each time ‘will this have a positive impact on me or my business, will it help me reach my goals faster?’ If you hesitate even for a millisecond then the answer is no.


Start saying NO in your business to that which doesn’t serve your purpose or bring you closer to your goals.