GDPR is a good thing and here is why you should care and embrace the opportunity to be better.


I've signed up to receive many emails and newsletters and equally joined Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Then one day I go ‘that’s enough’ I unsubscribe or leave. On occasion, it’s because my need has changed either in relation to my personal growth or business but sometimes it’s because I’ve had enough.


GDPRWhat’s this to do with GDPR Lindsey?

If we look at just emails and newsletters what I’ve come to find is that eventually, I start to feel like a number. The connection is lost between myself and the sender. If I remain a subscriber it’s because they continue to send excellent content and more to the point I feel they still care about me.


The use of my name in the subject or email opening is not enough to connect me to the sender. I need to know that they get me, my business and feel my pain.


How can I feel the pain of all my subscribers Lindsey?

You can’t which is why GDPR is giving you the opportunity to cleanse your ‘list’ If you go down the route, as I have, of asking your subscribers to reconsent your list is going to decrease in number. This is a good thing, it will reduce your non-open rate and leave you connecting with the right audience, your ideal client.


It's providing you with the chance to reconnect. During a recent Facebook Live session on 'email lists’ and GDPR Karen Skidmore suggested we cut out the sales talk for a period of time to reconnect. She reminded us that our lists are people and not email addresses. I agree with her and feel even I'm guilty of getting caught up in the number game. It’s time to realise the potential of your list but more importantly, reach out and provide valuable content and nurture the relationship, Karen suggests you leave the sales messages for as many weeks as you can reasonably manage and afford in your business.


GDPR is a good thing

Without our customers and clients, we are nothing and they should be our top priority in all we do to serve and work with them. GDPR will have a positive impact on our reputation and is a chance to review our business systems. On the Information Commission’s Office website, there is a clear message that your clients and customers need to TRUST you with their personal data. Ask yourself could yours?


I am not a GDPR expert, I am on the same learning curve and journey as you but I am embracing GDPR.