Whether you call yourself a solopreneur, entrepreneur, business owner or director staying motivated can be tough. There are good days and bad and there are ups and downs and at these times it can be hard to stay motivated.

time, how to you motivate you?Most people would describe me as upbeat, positive and energetic and most of the time I am BUT not always.

Working alone and from home it can be difficult to stay motivated. I can be easily distracted by the ‘stuff’ that needs doing around the home and for the children.

Equally when I’m motivated nothing gets done outside of the office - much to the disgust of my husband when he gets home.

You are in control of your motivation but you need to recognise the triggers that will throw you off course.

Understand when you work best and take time out when needed. Here are my top tips for staying motivated.

Get out of the office

This is essential especially if like me you're a people person. You need to be around others to re-energise and for creating and developing business ideas. Being alone with your own thoughts constantly can have a negative impact not only your motivation but also your confidence.

• Join networking groups and attend events

• Regularly meet with present and potential clients

• Arrange coffee with other business owners

Plan your day

If you are more efficient in the morning, this is when you should tackle those tasks that are most important to the business. Recognise the habits that you use to procrastinate and don’t let your ‘to-do’ list overwhelm you. Test productivity tools such as working for short periods of time e.g. 25-minutes and then taking a five-minute break (known as the Pomodoro Technique).

• Take ten minutes at the start of each day to plan it

• Schedule your tasks for momentum and to prevent distractions

• Factor in time for the unexpected

Eat at lunchtime

Your energy levels are not abundant and need to be replenished therefore stopping for lunch is important. Stop kidding yourself that you don’t have time and make time for increased productivity in the afternoon. Also, to prevent dehydration drink plenty of water or join me in a herbal tea.

• Keep nutritional snacks to hand e.g. nuts.

• Plan your lunch in advance of starting your day and even make it

• Steer clear of anything that will give you a sugar rush or high to avoid plummeting energy levels

Never stop developing you

Every day's a school day in my book and I encourage you to make time every day to read, listen to a podcast or join a webinar. Keep motivated by listening and learning from others. Ask for recommendations and commit to focusing on developing you or the business, as opposed to working in it.

• Listen to podcasts while taking a walk at lunchtime

• Start a reading list and get reading today

• Try audio books, a fantastic way to read while on the move

Finally ...

Start journaling it's a powerful way to start and / or finish the day - something I've come too late but so glad I did. I use it to check in with how I’m feeling each morning and how I need to show up in the business. A great way for setting the tone of the day. Plus, by writing three things I’m grateful for it motivates me.

One last thing ...

If you are really struggling then turn off, close up and go do something JUST for you.